Geological investigations at the planned railway line Dresden-Prague

The new railway line is one of the biggest infrastructure construction projects of Saxony. At the moment all railway traffic between Dresden and Prague runs through the Elbe valley. Its not possible to extend this line. Therefore, a new line is planned. The route will cut through the Elbtalschiefergebirge and the Erzgebirge as a tunnel. Both mountain regions are very complex in their structure. The Elbtalschiefergebirge consists of many different contact metamorphic rocks and regional fault zones. In contrast the Erzgebirge is relatively homogeneous but the railway line will cut through some significant fault zones.

Since 2011 the Geological Survey of Saxony (LfULG) is involved in the geological investigations of the railway corridor. Primarily the LfULG was mapping and did geophysical measurements together with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Czech Geological Survey near the border to the Czech Republic. All results were summarized in a geological special map of the investigation area and a geological 3d model. The 3d model is used for public relations and planning of the drilling campaigns. At the moment the German railway company (DB Netz AG) is drilling in the Petrovice-Döbra fault zone.



  • When: March 18th 2021, 17:30
  • Who: MSc. Lisa Thiele (Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie)
  • Where: Online, BBB