Geohub: A database system for managing reproducible geomodels

December 12th 2019, 17:30, 17:30 HÜL 485, Hülsse-Bau, Helmholtzstr. 10, Dresden talk by Georg Semmler (TU Freiberg, Institut für Informatik)

Complex geomodels have become a foundation for fundamental decisions, like “How does a system change”, “Where to drill for oil” or even “Where do we want to create a nuclear waste depository”. This raises questions like “How can we be sure that the model is sufficient realistic?”. In order to evaluate this question you need to be able to understand how the model was created, especially which data were used and how they were combined to create the final model.In order to contribute to those challenges I propose a database system that is able to store, in addition to the final geomodel, all related raw data and how they are processed to construct the final model. To support as many different workflows as possible I have designed a plugin based approach for handling different kind of data. This allows potential users to extend the system based on their needs.