Successful Job Hunting with Social Media Platforms
virtual Workshop


Datum: Date 28 October 2021 (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
29 October 2021 (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
Ort: Place You receive the link some days before the workshop.
Dozent/in: Trainer or Lecturer Maia George
Kurssprache / Language English
Leistungspunkte / Credit Points 0,25
Arbeitseinheiten (AE) HDS-Zertifikat / work unit (AE) HDS Certificate 8
Finanzierung / financing Dr. Erich-Krüger-Stiftung: financed only for doctoral candidates of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Anmelde­schluss: Registration Deadline 21. Oktober 2021
Der Anmeldeschluss ist überschritten. Registration Deadline has been exceeded.

Course description:

The transition between academia and industry can be a challenge for many after graduate school. Part of this challenge can be to figure out if to stay in academia or not, or how to present yourself to future employers once you have figured out what you want to do. Having a profile on LinkedIN or Xing can help tackle these and other challenges. Being a more competent connoisseur of these platforms can help you to: 1) achieve more visibility as a professional through your profile; 2) do research using the LinkedIN search engine to figure out what the next steps in you career could be; 3) do targeted networking with Xing Groups or with the LinkedIn Search Engine; 4) keep up to date with job postings; 5) follow the language and values of companies you strive to get employed by to optimize your applications.

In short, LinkedIn and Xing can be a powerful tool during this transition if you know how to use them. Independently of how far along you are in your career decisions, this workshop is there to help improve your career toolbox. We will have a stronger focus on LinkedIn and go back to Xing when appropriate.


  • What makes a perfect profile on both platforms?
  • Using keywords to improve your profile
  • LinkedIn Search Engine
  • Looking for job postings on Xing and LinkedIn
  • How to do realistic networking on social media for the job hunting process
  • Using LinkedIn as a research tool to improve job applications
Learning Outcome:
Learn to
  • assess how social media platforms can be used realistically for job hunting
  • adapt these tools to the personal needs of the participant
  • use keywords on LinkedIn to increase your visibility for the algorithm and recruiters
  • exploit the whole potential of social media platforms as information sources for the written job application
  • use social media as a tool for targeted and open networking to support the job-hunting process
Know what a complete and attractive profile entails