Presenting in English for Scientists


Datum: Date 07. November 2022 (09:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr)
14. November 2022 (09:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr)
21. November 2022 (09:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr)
28. November 2022 (09:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr)
05. Dezember 2022 (09:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr)
Ort: Place Virtual room: You will receive the link by email a few days before the workshop starts.
Dozent/in: Trainer or Lecturer Antje Kaufmann
Kurssprache / Language english
Leistungspunkte / Credit Points 1 LP (30 AE)
Finanzierung / financing Krüger Stiftung
Anmelde­schluss: Registration Deadline 02. November 2022
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Course Description :

How can you make your PRESENTation a PRESENT for your audience? This workshop focuses on gaining skills for successfully presenting scientific findings and research results to conference audience.  

To create realistic scenarios, you are invited to contribute your recent scientific research results to hold different mini- as well as a final presentation, which will be analyzed and given feedback to. 

Course Content :  

  • welcoming the audience/introducing yourself, getting and keeping the audience attention
  • different forms of openings and endings to attract attention
  • structuring presentations, signposting, transitions
  • using visuals (creating slides, deleting redundant information, visual support of your presentation)
  • dealing with comments and interruptions
  • non-verbal communication such as tone, pitch, speed, volume

Learning objectives:

  • This workshop will make you overcome some of your weaknesses in presenting.
  • You will advance your ability to structure presentations.
  • You will learn that visuals only support and do not replace a successful presentation.
  • You will recognize the importance of using your voice - a powerful too

Please note that we can only give certificates for attending at least 80% of the course.


Your contact person for this course is

Dr. Theresa Wand, 03731-393366, theresa [dot] wandatgrafa [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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