How to write a PhD thesis? Planning and Starting the Writing Process
virtual Workshop


Datum: Date 22 October 2021 (9:00am - 1:00pm)
Ort: Place The link to the virtual room will be sent a few days in advance.
Dozent/in: Trainer or Lecturer Dr. Katharina Ulbrich
Kurssprache / Language English
Leistungspunkte / Credit Points 0,25
Arbeitseinheiten (AE) HDS-Zertifikat / work unit (AE) HDS Certificate 4
Anmelde­schluss: Registration Deadline 13. Oktober 2021
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Course description:

Who is doing a PhD has to write a lot. However, scientific writing often turns out to be a major challenge for PhD students. How is it possible to manage the PhD writing process in a way that it leads to the production of high-quality scientific texts within the given time?

This workshop focusses on the orientation and planning phase of your PhD writing process with its specific challenges. It offers theoretical input on scientific writing processes and strategies and invites you to practice writing techniques right from the beginning of your PhD: In order to find your topic and narrow it down, to structure and develop an outline or to write a first draft.

Participants are invited to reflect on their individual writing habits (and if necessary get some ideas on how to improve them) with the aim to establish productive writing routines in the long-term. Citations, literature management, formatting and layout-related issues as well as the proof-reading of scientific texts are not part of this workshop.


  • Input on the writing process, writing strategies and techniques and types of text (Exposé)
  • Requirements of the orientation and planning phase and strategies to cope with them
  • Excersises for writing and structuring
Learning outcome:
  • Know the phases of the writing process and take them into account when planning your own writing project
  • Make concrete writing experiences with writing exercises and reflect on the possible benefits for your own writing
  • Get in touch with other writers and benefit from the respective writing experiences
  • Get motivation for your own writing process
  • Reflect on your own writing habits and develop ideas for possible adjustments / changes
Please note that we give only certificates for at least 80% attendance in the course.
Dr. Katharina Ulbrich is mediator, systemic coach and writing consultant at the Graduate Academy of the TU Dresden. In her workshops she would like to give the participants theoretical input on scientific writing and impart the relevant practical tools. It is also very important for her to give space to individual writing experiences and difficulties as well as to awaken the joy of scientific writing and the motivation to (finally) start writing.