Farewell Party 2022

Another unusual year is behind us. Despite all the adversities in times of the pandemic, it was a very successful one for 108 doctorates and five post-doctoral graduates. It had to be celebrated with dignity! Together we said goodbye on January 28, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. as part of a virtual ceremony.

We now have experience. For the second time, the ceremonial farewell to the doctoral and habilitation graduates of the 2021 the event took place entirely in virtual space. Even if tiredness is slowly creeping in due to the many online offers, we have decided on this variant again. A lot of positive feedback from the participants of the last year encouraged us in this.

With the support of the university management and all the speakers, deans, musicians and especially the employees of the media center, who probably played the most important role, it was possible to offer both the numerous graduates and their supervising university teachers a worthy setting to thank them for their work and their contributions to research and teaching. Everyone has done even more than usual to secure teaching and not allow research to come to a standstill.

All the names of those who obtained the doctoral degree or have been habilitated were read out by the deans of the respective faculties at the ceremony and they were also shown with a photo in the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. This was a personal farewell. They all received their graduation letters and gifts in the mail in advance. The start of the event was declared as a time to open the letters and packages - an emotional moment and a sense of togetherness in times of isolation.

After a decline in the last three years, the number of degrees has fortunately increased significantly again in 2021 - 17 doctorate holders and 3 habilitation holders more than in 2020 could be registered.

34 of the honorees are young female scientists. This means that the proportion of women among doctoral graduates has reached the level of previous years, after fewer women graduated in 2020 - due to childcare and home schooling while kindergartens and schools have been closed.

Almost a third of the researchers came from abroad - from 19 countries worldwide - to do their doctorate in Freiberg - seven of them from China, five from Vietnam, two each from Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Chile and one person each from Poland and France , Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.

In addition, 21 doctoral candidates who completed their doctorate with the grade “summa cum laude” (with distinction) were honored for their outstanding achievements. They also received a medal with a historical image and their name engraved .

The keynote speech was given by Dr. Jacob Kleinow. He studied and received his doctorate with excellent results at the Faculty of Business Administration at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. He now works as a consultant in regulation management at zeb consulting GmbH Berlin.

It is thanks to the special commitment of the Wood 'n' Brass Big Band that the celebration received an upbeat musical framework.

A film project by the Graduate and Research Academy, supported by the university, the media center, the Freiberg Alumni Network FAN) and Association Freunde und Förderer der Technischen Universität Freiberg, shows which parts of the world the former doctoral candidates end up in and which professions they have. This year, too, two films have been shown during the ceremony: Mrs. Dr. Annett Arndt (company owner of the environmental office Dr. Annett Weiß) and Prof. Maja Krumnacker (first female professor at our university) talked about their career after their doctorate.