Conversation and Conflict Management Training
Learn how to communicate efficiently and professionally


Datum: Date 07 October 2022 (9:00am - 4:30pm)
Ort: Place (Präsenz) wird noch bekanntgegeben
Dozent/in: Trainer or Lecturer Susanne Schubert
Teilnahmegebühr / Fee für Angehörige der TUBAF kostenlos
Kurssprache / Language englisch
Leistungspunkte / Credit Points 0,25
Arbeitseinheiten (AE) HDS-Zertifikat / work unit (AE) HDS Certificate 8
Finanzierung / financing Dr. Erich-Krüger Stiftung
Anmelde­schluss: Registration Deadline 30. September 2022
Der Anmeldeschluss ist überschritten. Registration Deadline has been exceeded.

Perhaps you already experienced conversation situations that leaves you confused. You did not understand what happened. Perhaps the conversation starts well, you said what is important to you and in result the interlocutor escalated verbally and emotionally. Finally, every talking party is furious and nobody gets what he wants.

This interactive workshop uses cases, exercises, discussions and engaging practice sessions to develop practical strategies in resolving intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts. You learn about the root causes of conflicts and gain a better awareness of the triggers that create, and often worsen, conflicts. To reach your goals in conversation you must know how conflicts develop, how your common stress reaction is and how others react on your reaction - again and again. Based on this knowledge – change is possible.


  • understanding of own behaviour under stress and in conflict situations
  • understanding of others and their behaviour
  • increased safety in conversation and agreeing goals
  • knowledge about reaching negotiation goals
  • improved creativity in challenging situations
  • improved decision-making skills
  • improved listening skills to remain poised, even when you feel verbally attacked
  • improved active listening skills to avoid miscommunication
  • developed techniques of how to offer constructive criticism
  • handling tough questions
  • knowing how and when to ask questions that prevent miscommunication

Please note, that we can only give certificates to thos who participated at least in 80% of the course time.


Your contact person for this course is

Dagmar Ganz, 03731-392944, dagmar [dot] ganzatgrafa [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de