Mulde valley field training 2014

Located in the Mulde valley a multitude of smelting places excisted in medieval times due to the digging of natural mineral deposits. Slagging became a ineluctable part in this process since ore had to be assimilated. Thus, parts of the slag were left in the underground and our SEG student chapter tried to locate some of these rests. Therefore, in 26 April we started magnetical measurements with the AZM which
delivers an insight of near-surface magnetic anomalies. Even though it took just some hours to gather data, especially our younger students were quite satisfied to get a first closer look on the AZM that is rarely included in the regular degree program.A first view on the data showed some good results and that is why we are
looking forward to the complete data evaluation, which will be handed over to the "Landesamt für Archäologie - Freistaat Sachsen".