Seminar Wissenschaftliche Kommunikation - Oberseminar Sommersemester 2022

Thursdays 11:00-12:30 MEI-0080

Invited Talks:

May 5, 2022Max BenkeBSc-T: Qualitative Evaluierung isotroper und anisotroper Geschwindigkeitsmodelle für die Walk-away-VSP Messung an der COSC-2 Tiefbohrung
May 12, 2022Armin Schikorra (U of Pittsburgh)Scale-invariant tangent-point energies for knots and fractional harmonic maps
May 19, 2022

Magued Galal Mohamed

Jonas Rudolph

Geothermal heat flow of Africa: A machine learning approach

BSc-M: Imaging a medieval shipwreck with the new PingPong 3D marine reflection seismic system

June 2, 2022TBA
June 9, 2022Jan-Philipp Schmoldt (Tauber GmbH)Guest: Geophysik in der Kampfmittelräumung
June 16, 2022

Patricia Hübler

Timon Walter

Julia Pfeifer

Evaluation of interpolation methods for adaption of meshes to topography data for geophysical simulations implemented in Python

Global modelling and visualisation for the Earth's Magnetic Field

Qualitative studies on directional seismic imaging of fractures

June 23, 2022

Sarah Sophia Keßler

Hans Böcker

Machel Muhlanga

Magnetostatic simulation and inversion calculations for the interpretation of magnetic field measurements on planet and asteroid analogs on the ISS

A generic data structure for unified handling of geoscientific data

Seismic Imaging of the shallow subsurface above the Asse salt diapir with focus on static corrections

June 30, 2022Thomas Hohlfeld (GGL Geophysik und Geotechnik Leipzig GmbH)Überblick über Methoden der angewandten Geophysik - Beispiele aus der Praxis
July 7, 2022Dr. Thomas Guenther (LIAG Hannover)Maßgeschneiderte Inversion mit pyGIMLi
July 14, 2022cancelled

Important Information:

  • MSc-M: presentation in module "Scientific Communication" 

    20 minutes (English) & 1 page report 

  • BSc-M: presentation in module "Einführung in die Berufspraxis" 

    20 minutes (German) & 4-5 page report 

  • BSc-T: short introduction to BSc thesis

  • MSc: literature talk

  • Guest: invited speaker 

  • TBA: To be announced

  • N.N.: Nomen nominandum,  i.e., the speaker is (yet) to be named.