Research interests

My research interests include

  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Numerical simulation methods for 3-D time-domain and frequency-domain applications
  • Inversion of electromagnetic data
  • Finite differences (2-D, 3-D)
  • Finite elements (2-D, 3-D)
  • 3-D time-domain EM simulation using Krylov subspace methods in the frequency domain
  • Time integration methods for 3-D EM induction modelling in the time-domain
  • Dipole induction within a layered half-space (1-D)
  • Bayesian inference using Monte-Carlo-Markov-Chains
2-D MT simulation result

The figure on the left shows a typical result of a numerical simulation study.

Depicted is the spatial pattern of the natural magnetotelluric field within the Earth for a simplified two-dimensional geological structure, e.g., an electrically conductive ore body embedded in a resistive host rock.

(Background image courtesy of A. Franke-Börner)


  • FEMT2D
    FE simulation of 2-D Magnetotellurics in MATLAB
  • tem1dinv
    1-D inversion of transient-electromagnetic data in MATLAB
I am a promoter of the Julia programming language.

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