Pre-workshop on Numerical Methods

For the 22nd International Workshop on Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth held in Weimar, Germany, August 23-30 2014, we offer a Pre-Workshop on Numerical Methods in Geo-Electromagnetics. The pre-workshop will be organized by Ralph-Uwe Börner and Klaus Spitzer.

The pre-workshop will be held at the

Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics
09599 Freiberg
Gustav-Zeuner-Straße 12

August 22-23, 2014

The 2-day tutorial will cover

  • Basics of geo-electromagnetic induction
  • Introduction to numerical modelling using finite elements
  • Implementation of a 2-D MT forward operator using FE
  • Implementation of a Gauss-Newton inversion approach for 2-D MT inversion

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We are looking forward to seeing you in Freiberg!

Ralph-Uwe Börner
Klaus Spitzer