Informationen für Studenten


Details about BSc and MSc courses

The following link leads to a website where all relevant information regarding our BSc/MSc programs

  • BSc Geophysics and Geoinformatics
  • MSc Geophysics
  • MSc Geoinformatics

is summarized by the university (including "Prüfungs- and Studienordnung", "Modulhandbuch", "Ablaufplan", contact person, etc.) (only in german): read more here (external page)

Modulhandbuch (Bachelor Geoinformatik und Geophysik) 

Modulhandbuch (Master Geoinformatik) 

Modulhandbuch (Master Geophysik) 


More information compiled by students will be made available here soon.

BSc-/MSc topics offered by research groups

Each research group has a number of open topics for BSc/MSc theses. Please browse through the files and if you have specific questions please contact the corresponding person:

Possibilities for studying a semester abroad or internships (including contact persons)

For a profound education it is highly recommended that you do internships within companies or research institutes or even study a semester abroad. Please contact us if you are interested in a specific topic/direction and we will provide you with contact details of the possible host company or institution or even establish the contact directly.

For orientation, here is a list of "field reports" from people who have done so in the past (more to follow):

  • Franziska Naumann @ University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), winter semester 2014/15: read more
  • Saskia Tschache and Konstanze Zschoke @ University of Trondheim (Norway), winter semester 2012/13: read more
  • Eva Bredow @ University of Trondheim (Norway), winter semester 2011/12: read more
  • Marco Riedel @ GNS Science (Lower Hutt, New Zealand), winter semester 2010/11: read more
  • Ulrike Lautenschläger @ University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), fall term 2009: read more