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Development of data models for applications in Geosciences

Spatial-temporal geodatabase

Topological grain boundary reconstruction from 3D EBSD data

Grain detection from 2d and 3d EBSD data


3D modelling of Geo objects

The gOcad software

The gOcad expertice in Freiberg

gOcad plugins for download

3D viewer Geocando

short courses

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3D modelling of Halle Vulcanite Complex

3D subsurface modelling considering geothermal aquifers

3D model of stratigraphic sucsessions of the Saxonian Cretateous Basin

3D Modelling of Platy Dolostone deposits in north west Saxony

Advanced Visualization and Modelling of Tetrahedral Meshes

Extension of gOcad to a spatial geoscience information system

Texture analysis of natural rocks

A texture - what's this?

MTEX- a MATLAB based sofware for texture analysis

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statistics for individual crystallographic orientation measurements

estimation of the ODF from the PDF

Quantitative analysis of microstructures and textures of high-metamorphic rocks

Investigation of orientation distributions and elastic and plastic anisotropy for materials with hexagonal symmetry