3D viewer Geocando

"Geocando" - an open source viewer for 3 dimensional geodata

Geocando is a 3d Viewer for visualisation and querying of geodata and geomodels. It is especially developed for Paradigm's GOCAD® objects. Another supported format is the typical GIS exchange format ESRI Shapefile. In Geocando the objects can be visualized with different symbols, colours, scalebars, vertical exaggeration factors,etc. Typical features like get coordinates and property values, measure distances or show north arrow are implemented. The latest version provides a tool to create cross sections along a freely definable trace. Furthermore, the tool "Slicer" was developed to have a look into the inner parts of the geomodels. Geocando was developed at our chair by Manuel Feige as part of his diploma thesis and by Sandra Sichting as part of her Bachelor thesis.

Operating systems

Windows XP, Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)


Geocando is developed in C++ using the library Visualization Toolkit which contains several algorithms for 3d visualisation. The graphical user interface is based on Qt.


The focal point of Geocando is the visualisation of Gocad objects and models as well as ESRI shapefiles .

Following gOcad objects are supported:

  • PointsSets
  • Curves
  • Surfaces
  • SGrids
  • (regions are not yet implemented)
  • Solids
  • Voxets


Following visualisation tools are currently available:

  • 3d interaction (rotating, panning, zooming)
  • Hide/show geoobjects
  • Geoobject labeling
  • Information of coordinates, properties
  • Measuring of distances
  • Visualisation of coordinate axis and north arrow
  • Vertical exaggeration
  • Definition of cameras and lighting
  • Storage as Geocando projects
  • Storage of the camera as image
  • new! Creation of cross sections along a freely definable trace
  • new! The Slicer to explore the inner parts of the geomodel

GIS Tools

GIS Tools for the analyse of geodata are implemeted to create simple or complex queries. Currently, non-spatial queries can be used for analysing (e.g. show all regions with a porosity higher than 0.2). Furthermore, numerical properties can be labeled in order to visualise information like lithology or stratigraphy.

Ideas for next versions:

  • Import of Gocad's well objects
  • Import of georeferenced images
  • Sgrid regions
  • Spatial querying


Geocando1.1 Setup


Peggy Hielscher peggy [dot] hielscheratgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (E-Mail)