3D Modelling of Platy Dolostone deposits in north west Saxony

3D model of deposits of Platy Dolostone in North West Saxony
diploma mapping project 2007


In co-operation with the Saxon Authority for Environment and Geology (LFUG) deposits of Platy Dolostone have been modeled with GoCAD. Since drill cores have not been conserved, succession registers of approximately 190 boreholes form the database of the model. The ground level (white) is represented by the official digital elevation model, on which a topographic map has been projected. The ground-water table (blue) has been modeled from water observation wells and the bore holes. The boundaries of the sedimentary bedding have been defined by their depth in the drill holes, and they must not overlap in the model. The Platy Dolostone deposit is situated between the beige and the green surfaces (upper and lower boundaries) and has an average thickness of four meters.



This example shows the area of Geithain-Frohburg with 30 x superelevation. In this area have been sunk more than 400 core drillings, among these almost 300 drillings from the Wismut AG.

Team: Ilja Kogan,Dr. Birgit Gaitzsch, LFUG Sachsen