Uwe Kroner

Uwe Kroner

Uwe Kroner

Lecturer and Research Associate Tectonics

Bernhard-von-Cotta-Straße 2

Telefon +49 3731 39-2434
kroneratgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de


3D Modelling: The Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge Complex

The Supercontinent Cycle and the supply of Sn-W enriched sediments

Romer, R.L., Kroner, U., 2015. Phanerozoic tin and tungsten mineralization—Tectonic controls on the distribution of enriched protoliths and heat sources for crustal melting. Gondwana Research.

The Variscan Orogeny of Europe and Northern Africa

two plates

Kroner, U., Romer, R.L., 2013. Two plates — Many subduction zones: The Variscan orogeny reconsidered. Gondwana Research

Romer, R.L., Kroner, U., 2019. First direct evidence for a contiguous Gondwana shelf to the south of the Rheic Ocean. Geology

The subdivision of the Saxo-Thuringian Zone

  • Allochthonous Domain
  • Autochthonous Domain 
  • NW and SE Wrench & Thrust Zone

map of the Saxo Thuringian Zone

Kroner, U., Hahn, T., Romer, R.L., Linnemann, U., 2007. The Variscan orogeny in the Saxo-Thuringian Zone - Heterogenous overprint of Cadomian/Palaeozoic Peri-Gondwana crust. Geological Society of America Special Paper 423, 153–172.

Kroner, U., Romer, R.L., Linnemann, U., 2010. The Saxo-Thuringian Zone of the Variscan Orogen as part of Pangea, Pre-Mesozoic Geology of Saxo-Thuringia - From the Cadomian Active Margin to the Variscan Orogen. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart, pp. 3-16.