Upper Palaeozoic bryozoans from the Carnic Alps (Austria)

by Andrej Ernst, Kiel


ERNST, A. (2003): Upper Palaeozoic bryozoans from the Carnic Alps (Austria). Freiberger Forschungshefte C 499: Paläontologie, Stratigraphie, Fazies (11): 55-77; Freiberg.


Ten bryozoan species were described from the Upper Palaeozoic (Upper Carboniferous - Lower Permian) of Carnic Alps (Austria). Two species are new - Stenophragmidium lamellatum sp. nov. and Hayasakopora schaeferi sp. nov. Two species are known from the Lower Permian of Caucasus, as well as one from Carboniferous - Permian of Russia and Arctic. One species was previously described from the Upper Carboniferous of North America. Only one species is restricted to the Upper Carboniferous of the Carnic Alps. The genus Paraptylopora MOROZOVA 2001 was reported for the first time outside of Russia.