Prof. Dr. habil. Olaf Elicki



Prof. Dr. Olaf Elicki

Head of the

Palaeoecology & Micropalaeontology Group


Freiberg University, Geological Institute, Dept. of Palaeontology
D-09599 Freiberg

Bernhard-von-Cotta street 2
phone: +49 (0)3731-39-2435
fax: +49 (0)3731-39-12435
email: Olaf.Elicki(at)

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Vita of O. Elicki









Studies in geology & palaeontology (Freiberg University)

Diploma: "Palaeontology, lithology and depositional history of the Cambrian carbonates of the Görlitz synclinorium (East Germany)"

Phd: "Facies analysis of the Cambrian carbonates of Germany" (Freiberg University)

Assistant professor at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University)

Head of Rector's Office of Freiberg University

Lecturer & Research Associate at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University)

Awardee of the "Julius-Weißbach Award for Excellence in Teaching"

Habilitation: "Cambrian life in Mediterranean carbonate environments and consequences for the geological reconstruction of the early Palaeozoic Perigondwana"

facultas docendi & venia legendi in palaeontology

Docent & Research Associate at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University)

Professor of Micropalaeontology & Palaeoecology (associate professor)

since 2012:
Dean of Geosciences Examination Board

2016 - 2017:
Head of Department of Palaeontology & Stratigraphy

Professional interests

Life, ecology and deposition in continental-to-marine transitional realms of the early Palaeozoic and late Neoproterozoic

Cambrian & Ordovician life and deposition ("small shelly fossils", trace fossils, molluscs, arthropods, sponges, stratigraphy, palaeogeography, sedimentary facies patterns, evolution, ecosystems; regional focus on southern and Central Europe, Near and Middle East, North Africa)

Palaeoecology and sedimentology of Neoproterozoic and Palaeozoic marine and continental systems

Carbonate microfacies

Palaeobiological and sedimentological facies analysis (focus: early Palaeozoic)

Foraminiferan stratigraphy and environments (Late Cretaceous)

Applied palaeontology & stratigraphy for interim and ultimate storage exploration, for mineral exploration and for engineering geology


International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy (ISCS) of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (voting member)

ICS Working Group on the Cambrian Terreneuvian Series and Fortunian Stage (voting member)

ICS Working Group on the Cambrian Stage 2 (voting member)

IGCP 668 Working Group "Equatorial Gondwanan History and Early Palaeozoic Evolutionary Dynamics"

IGCP 735 Working Group "Rocks and the Rise of Ordovician Life (Rocks n'ROL)"

German Commission on Proterozoic-Silurian Stratigraphy

Dean of Geosciences Examination Board of Freiberg University

German-Jordanian Society Rec. Soc.

Verein der Freunde & Förderer der TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.

Förderkreis Freiberger Geowissenschaften e.V.


"psf - Paläontologie, Stratigraphie, Fazies" (Freiberger Forschungshefte) - editor-in-chief

"Acta Geologica Polonica" - editorial board

"Carnets de Géologie - Notebooks on Geology" - assoc. editor

"Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences" - assoc. editor

"Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften" - editorial board


Members of the Micropalaeontology & Palaeoecology Research Group

Team leader:

Team members

Olaf Elicki

Phd candidates:
Atnisha, Abubaker
Förster, Anne
Meischner, Tim

MSc candidates
Hahn, Felix

BSc candidates
Büschel, Hannes Robin


Educational work

For descriptions and for supplementary material (scripts) of the lessons, for organizational and special data of recent and future field trips, and for any handouts to these events, please, use the Palaeontology in Freiberg homepage and its subunit Lehre (in German language) and Education (short English version).

Basic and Applied Micropalaeontology (lectures, practices)

Paleoecology (lectures, practices, seminars)

Geobiology (lectures, seminars)

Carbonate Facies Analysis (short course)

Evolution of System Earth (lectures; 2006-2010, 2021- )

Preparation Techniques in Geoscience (short course)

Basics in Palaeontology (lectures, practices, seminars; 1995-2018)

Cambrian microfossils (Jordan)
Field trip: Germanic Triassic (Thuringia)

Field trip: Ediacaran & early Palaeozoic of the Elbe zone & Lusatia

Field trip: Depositional history of northern Bohemia (Eger rift graben)

Field trip: Palaeozoic of the Harz Mountains

Field course: Modern vs fossil facies patterns of the Baltic and the North Sea

Geological field courses abroad: Sardinia, Danmark, Jordan, Israel

education and training in the field (Danmark)


Current offers of BSc and MSc projects (thesis language: German or English)

(each specific project will be detailed in agreement with the candidate)

Facies investigation, palaeoecology and micropalaeontology of Cambrian successions in SW Sardinia (Italy).

Micropalaeontology and facies of Cambrian deposits of Turkey.

Cambrian palaeontology and microfacies of SW Mongolia.

Micropalaeontology and carbonate microfacies of Late Cretaceous rocks of Saxony /or/ Saxony-Anhalt /or/ Brandenburg. (variable taxonomic focus: foraminifera /or/ ostracoda /or/ coccolithophorida)

Biodiversity of Palaeogene foraminiferan microfaunas of Saxony-Anhalt.

Additional macro-palaeontological and micro-palaeontological topics as well as sedimentological, facies and interdisciplinary or applied topics are available on demand and upon request ... You may suggest your own topic, too!


Supervised Phd-projects

The Ordovician marine ecosystems of Jordan (Middle East): biotic, sedimentary, palaeogeographic and climate evolution from the Great Diversification to Ice House.
Tim Meischner (current)

Ökologische Umwälzungen und Kausalitätsmechanismen im Vorfeld der Messinischen Salinitätskrise: Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Parallelen zu rezenten Aridisierungs- und Desertifizierungsphänomenen in Südeuropa.
(Ecological turnovers and causation mechanisms preceding the Messinian Salinity Crisis: causes, consequences and analogies to modern aridisation and dersertification phenomena in southern Europe)
Anne Förster (current)

Sedimentology, palaeontology and depositional history of the Arenzhain Group (Torgau-Doberlug Synclinory, Germany): the  Middle Cambrian evolution of the European Shelf of Gondwana.
Abubaker A. Atnisha (current)

Facies architecture and depositional history of the Cambro-Ordovician "Qarqaf Group" in the type area with special focus on the Cambrian Hasawnah Formation (Al Qarqaf Uplift, SW Libya).
Muftah M. Altumi (2018)

The Early–Middle Cambrian Láncara Formation (Cantabrian Zone, NW-Spain): Micropalaeontology and Facies Evolution of a Perigondwanan Ramp Depositional System.
Thomas Wotte (2006)


Supervised diploma/MSc-projects

Die Ichnofauna im Ordovizium Thüringens: Systematik und paläoökologische Interpretation.
(The Ordovician ichnofauna of Thuringia: systematics and palaeoecological interpretation)
Felix Hahn (current)

Taxonomie, Paläoökologie und digitalmikroskopische Untersuchungsmethodik an paläogenen Foraminiferen-Faunen in Sachsen-Anhalt.
(Taxonomy, Palaeoecology and digital microscope analysis of Palaeogene foraminiferan faunules of Saxony-Anhalt)
Theo Pahlke, 2022

Nichtmarine Mikrobialithe im Ediacarium von Marokko (Jebel Ougnat) und Jordanien (Wadi Abu Barqa): Fazies, Ablagerungsmodelle, überregionale Interpretation.
(Non-marine microbialites in the Ediacaran of Morocco [Jebel Ougnat] and Jordan [Wadi Abu Barqa]: facies, depositional models and trans-regional interpretation)
Alexander Garbe, 2021

Kretazische Ostrakoden aus Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen und Brandenburg: Biostratigraphie und paläogeographisch-paläoökologische Interpretation.
(Cretaceous ostracods from Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg: taxonomy, biostratigraphy and palaeogeographic-palaeoecological interpretation)
Babette Jurke, 2020

Mikrofauna und Fazies im Neogen der Sinis-Halbinsel (Provinz Oristano, W-Sardinien).
(Microfauna and facies in the Neogene of Sinis Peninsula [Oristano County, W Sardina])
Fabian Göhler, 2019

Petrologie und Geochronologie ordovizischer Siliziklastika Südjordaniens (Westgondwana, Mittlerer Osten).
[Petrology and geochronology of Ordovician siliciclastics from southern Jordan (western Gondwana, Middle East)]
Daniel Klein, 2018

Untersuchungen von "Paläo-Biomineralen" aus känozoischen eisenerzhaltigen Sedimenten.
(Investigations on "paleo-biominerals" from iron-ore containing sediments)
Maximilian Fritzsche, 2017

Faziesentwicklung der Mission Canyon Fm. an der Ostflanke des Williston-Beckens.
(Facies development in the Mission Canyon Fm. at the eastern flank of the Williston Basin)
Maik Werner, 2017

Mikropaläontologie und Paläoökologie von small shelly - Faunen mittelkambrischer Karbonate W-Gondwanas.
(Micropalaeontology and palaeoecology of small shelly faunules from Middle Cambrian carbonates of western Gondwana)
Christian Kreher, 2016

Biodiversity patterns and palaeoecological interpretation of the microfauna of the Capo San Marco section at Sinis peninsula (Tertiary, Sardinia).
!!! winner of the "Bernhard-von-Cotta University Award" of the TU Bergakademie !!!
Anne Förster, 2015

Analyse der oberkretazischen Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna und Mikrofazies im nördlichen Subhercyn (Profil Hoppenstedt).
(Analysis of the Late Cretaceous foraminiferal microfauna and microfacies of the northern Subhercynian Basin [Hoppenstedt section])
!!! winner of the "Young Scientists Special Award" of the ERICH GLOWATZKY Foundation !!!
Tim Meischner, 2014

Fazielle Analyse Spurenfossilien-führender Sandsteine im Gebiet des Wadi Ram (Südjordanien).
(Facies analysis of trace fossil bearing sandstones in the Wadi Ram area, southern Jordan)
Thomas Niebling, 2014

Verteilung der stabilen Blei-Isotope und Seltenen Erden an Oberflächenproben in einem N-S-Transekt der Ostsee.
(Distribution of stable Lead isotopes and Noble Earths in surface samples of a North-South transect of the Baltic Sea)
Annegret Rüßbült, 2014

Petrographie, Ichnologie und fazielle Interpretation ordovizischer Siliziklastika der Lausitz.
(Petrography, ichnology and facies interpretation of Ordovician siliciclastics of Lusatia)
Osama Ali Faraj, 2014

Mikrofazielle Untersuchungen an Jura-Kalken nahe Bad Staffelstein (Lias delta).
(Microfacies investigation on Jurassic limestones near Bad Staffelstein (Liassic delta)
Naji Otman Anor, 2014

Untersuchungen zur Foraminiferen-Ostracoden-Mikrofauna im Paläogen von Sachsen-Anhalt.
(Investigation of the Paleogene Foraminiferan-Ostracod-Microfauna of Saxony-Anhalt)
Hosin Ahmed Alatri Shiha, 2014

Documentation of past glacial-interglacial variations in deep water environment of the Amerasian Basin (Central Arctic Ocean).
Stefanie Kaboth, 2011

Sedimentologie, Paläontologie und Geochemie im Zechstein und Buntsandstein von Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen.
(Sedimentology, palaeontology, and geochemistry of the Zechstein and Buntsandstein of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia)
Frank Scholze, 2011

Fossile Ascidien: fossil record, Sklerit-Anatomie und paläoökologische Schlussfolgerungen.
(Fossil ascidians: fossil record, sclerite anatomy and palaeoecological conclusions)
Grit Benedix, 2010

Trace fossils and sedimentary environments of the "middle" Cambrian Hanneh Member, Southern Dead Sea (Burj Formation, Jordan).
Richard Hofmann, 2008

Faziesanalyse und paläoökologische Rekonstruktion der Oberen Láncara Fm. (Unter-/Mittelkambrium, Kantabrisches Gebirge, NW-Spanien) und Erstellung einer internetfähigen Datenbank-Anwendung zur Erfassung des taxonomischen Inventars.
(Facies analysis and palaeoecological reconstruction of the Upper Láncara Formation (Early to Middle Cambrian, Cantabrian Mountains, NW-Spain) and creation of an Internet-compatible database application for recordation of the taxonomic content)
Thomas Biener, 2005

Die Oberflächenverteilung benthischer Foraminiferen auf einem Tiefwasser-Korallen-Karbonat-Hügel in der Porcupine Seabight (SW Irland).
(Surface distribution pattern of bentic foraminifera on a deep-water coral carbonat mound of the Porcupine Seabight (SW Irland))
Steffi Schmidt, 2005

Mikroskopische und röntgenographische Untersuchungen an Phylliten im Raum Blankenstein (Sachsen): Methodik, Stratigraphie und regionalgeologische Interpretation.
(Microscopic and x-ray investigation on phyllites of the Blankenstein area (Saxony): methodology, stratigraphy, and regional interpretation)
Matthias Zeidler, 2004

Paläo-Ökologie und Environment-Rekonstruktion mittelkambrischer Abfolgen SW-Sardiniens (Campo Pisano Formation).
(Paleoecology and environment reconstruction of middle Cambrian successions of SW-Sardinia - Campo Pisano Fm.)
!!! winner of the "BERND RENDEL Award" of the German Research Foundation !!!
Yvonne Hamann, 2004

Litho- und Biofaziesanalyse eines Zechsteinriffes am S-Rand des Ruhlaer Kristallins.
(Litho- and biofacies of a Zechstein reef at the southern end of the Ruhla crystallin complex)
Stephan Brauner, 2003

Beziehungen zwischen Sedimentologie, Morphologie und Karstphänomenen in einem Zechsteinriff.
(Relations between sedimentology, morphology and carstic phenomena within a Zechstein reef)
Kerstin Fohlert, 2003

Faziesarchitektur und environment-Analyse ausgewählter paläozoischer reef mounds.
(Facies architecture and environment analysis of selected Palaeozoic reef mounds)
Thomas Wotte, 2003

Faziesanalyse an unter- bis mittelkambrischen Karbonaten im Bereich des nördlichen Toten Meeres (Jordanien).
(Facies analysis of early to middle Cambrian carbonates of the northern Dead Sea region/Jordan)
Muftah M. Altumi, 2002

Litho- und biofazielle Charakteristik einer kollabierenden Karbonatplattform (Mittelkambrium, SW-Sardinien).
(Lithological and biofacies characteristics of a drowning carbonate platform - middle Cambrian/SW Sardinia)
Petra Münzberger, 2002

Frühvariszischer Riftvulkanismus und biogene Sedimentation im Oberdevon des Vogtlandes.
(Early variscan rift volcanism and bio-sedimentation in the upper Devonian of the Vogtland area)
Andreas Torn, 2000

Diagenese und Sedimentologie von Zechsteinkarbonaten (Ca2) - untersuchungsmethodische Ansätze.
(Diagenesis and sedimentology of upper Permian carbonates (Ca2) - methodical approache)
Jens Wendler, 1997

Mikrofaziesanalyse an Zechsteinkarbonaten (Staßfurt-Karbonat) der Lausitz und Thüringens.
(Microfacies analysis on upper Permian carbonates [Stassfurt Carbonate] of Lusatia and Thuringia)
Ines Flatter, 1997

Supervised BSc-projects

Mikropaläontologisch-sedimentologische Untersuchungen kretazischer Sedimente SE-Sachsens: Mikrofauna, Fazies und paläoökologische Interpretation.
(Micropalaeontological und sedimentological investigation on Cretaceous sediments in southeast Saxony: microfauna, facies and palecological interpretation.)

Hannes Robin Büschel, (current)

Regionale und fazielle Analyse der Unteren Schaumkalkbank (Jena Fm., Germanische Trias) im Ohmgebirge.
(Regional and facies analysis of the lower Schaumkalk Mbr. (Jena Fm., Germanic Triassic) in the Ohmgebirge Mts.)

Felix Hahn, 2020

Mikropaläontologie des Foraminiferen-Benthos, Faziesanalyse und paläoökologische Charakterisierung ausgewählter Bereiche der Kartierungsbohrung Zippelsförde "Kb Zfö 1/64" (Kreide, Brandenburg).
(Micropalaeontology of benthic foraminifera, facies analysis and palaeoecological characterisation of selected portions of the mapping drill core Zippelsförde "Kb Zfö 1/64" (Cretaceous, Brandenburg).

Paul Zöhlius, 2020

Mikropaläontologie and Faziesanalyse im Kambrium S-Anatoliens (Türkei).
(Micropalaeontology and facies analysis in the Cambrian succession of South Anatolia [Turkey])

Alexander Garbe, 2019

Coccolithophoriden neogener Abfolgen im Mediterran (Sardinien und Sizilien).
(Coccolithophorids of Mediterranean Neogene successions [Sardinia and Sicily])

Theo Pahlke, 2019

Fazielle Untersuchungen an reef mounds im Unterkambrium SW-Sardiniens: Auftreten und Bedeutung von Skelett-tragenden Mikrobiota.
(Facies analysis on Lower Cambrian reef mounds of southwestern Sardinia: occurrence and significance of skeletal microbiota)

Melanie Melchisedech, 2018

Die Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna im Paläogen von Mammendorf (Raum Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt).
(The foraminiferan microfauna of Mammendorf [Magdeburg region, Saxony-Anhalt])
Rebecca Serbe, 2018

Morphotypisierung, Taxonomie und Paläoökologie der Foraminiferen-Fauna pleistozäner vulkanoklastischer Turbidite westlich von Martinique (Kleine Antillen).
(Morphological typification, taxonomy and palaeoecology of the foraminiferan microfauna of Pleistocene volcanoclastic turbidites west of Martinique [Lesser Antilles])

Stanislav Maul, 2017

Taxonomie und Biostratigraphie der oberkretazischen Foraminiferen-Fauna im Ohmgebirge (Thüringen).
(Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous foraminiferal microfauna of the Ohm-Gebirge Mountains [Thuringia])

Fabian Göhler, 2016

Methodische Studien zur Anwendung konfokaler Laser-Scanning Mikroskopie an Foraminiferen.
(Methodological studies on the application of confocal laser-scanning microscopy on Foraminifera)
Björn Goldberg, 2016

Mikropaläontologie unterordovizischer Karbonate von Bornholm (Dänemark).
(Micropalaeontology of lower Ordovician carbonates of Bornholm [Danmark])
Peter Koch, 2015

Die Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna der "Basal Marls" der Sinis-Halbinsel (Neogen, Westsardinien): Diversität und paläoökologisch-paläogeographische Ableitungen.
(The foraminifera microfauna of the "Basal Marls" of the Sinis Peninsula: [Neogene, western Sardinia]: diversity and palaeoecological-palaeogeographical implications)
Daniel Klein, 2015

Mikropaläontologische Untersuchungen an Karbonaten der Germanischen Trias (Muschelkalk-Gruppe, Thüringen)
(Micropalaeontological investigation on various carbonate facies of the Germanic Triassic [Muschelkalk Group, Thuringia])

Christopher Pleyer, 2015

Untersuchungen zur rezente Ostrakoden-Fauna der südlichen Nordsee.
(Investigation on the modern ostracod fauna of the southern North Sea)
Nadine Mudrack, 2015

Untersuchungen zur rezenten Mikrofauna im Intertidal von Amrum (Nordfriesische Inseln).
(Investigation on the modern fore shore microfauna of Amrum [North Friesian Islands])
Maximilian Fritzsche, 2015

Die Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna der "Basal Marls" der Sinis-Halbinsel (Neogen, Westsardinien): Dokumentation, Morphotypenanalyse, Taxonomie.
(The foraminifera microfauna of the "Basal Marls" of the Sinis Peninsula: [Neogene, western Sardinia]: documentation, morphotype analysis, taxonomy)
Sarah Braun, 2015

Petrographie und fazielle Untersuchungen am Bohrkern der Forschungsbohrung Zwethau 1/65 (Kambrium, Doberlug-Torgau Synklinorium).
(Petrography and facies re-investigation of the Zwethau 1/65 research drill core (Cambrian, Torgau-Doberlug syncline)
Sara Mönchgenger, 2014

Die oberkretazische Mikrofauna im Ohmgebirge/Thüringen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Foraminiferen: Faunenbestand und paläoökologische Interpretation.
(The Late Cretaceous microfauna of the Ohmgebirge/Thuringia with special focus on the foraminifera: faunal patterns and palaeoecology)
Michael Bader, 2014

Fazielle Analyse oberdevonischer Karbonate bei Saalfeld (Breternitz Mbr., Vogtland).
(Facies analysis of late Devonian carbonates
near Saalfeld, Breternitz Mbr.,Vogtland area)
Patrick Abel, 2014

Mikropaläontologische Analyse der Oberkreide im Ohmgebirgsgraben bei Worbis: Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna und paläoökologische Schlussfolgerungen.
(Micropalaeontological analysis of Late Cretaceous rocks of the Ohmgebirgsgraben near Worbis: foraminiferal microfauna and palaeoecological conclusions)
Christian Kreher, 2013

Mikrofazies und Mikropaläontologie unterkarbonischer Spaltenfüllungen in devonischen Riffkalksteinen bei Rösenbeck (Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, Briloner Sattel).
(Microfacies and micropalaeontology of Lower Carboniferous neptunian dykes in Devonian reef limestone near Rösenbeck (Rhenish Slate Mountains, Brilon saddle)
Franziska Heuer, 2012

Aufnahme und petrographische Bearbeitung eines Sandsteinprofils des Cenoman im Sachsenthal/Ohmgebirgsgraben (bei Worbis)
(Documentation and petrographic analysis of a Cenomanian sandstone succession from the Sachsenthal area, Ohmgebirge graben at Worbis)
Meike Herrmann, 2012

Klassifikation und Taphonomie von Insektenresten im Kontext zur Sedimentologie des Topeka Kalksteins der Hamilton Quarry Fossillagerstätte (Pennsylvania, Kansas).
(Classification and taphonomy of insect remains in relation to the sedimentology of the Topeka Limestone of the Hamilton Quarry fossillagerstaette (Pennsylvanya, Kansas)
Maria Schulz, 2012

Faziesuntersuchungen an post-panafrikanischen Siliziklastika Nordost-Ägyptens (Eastern Desert und Sinai-Halbinsel).
(Facies analysis of post-Panafrican siliciclastics of NE-Egypt, Eastern Desert & Sinai Peninsula)
Anne Leuschke, 2012

Sediment- und biofazielle Charakterisierung der kambrischen, karbonatisch-siliziklastischen Abfolge am Schina Sa Grutta (SW-Sardinien): Environment-Rekonstruktion und regionalgeologische Einbindung.
(Sedimentary and biofacies characterisation of the Cambrian carbonate-siliciclastic succession at Schiena Sa Grutta [SW Sardinia]: environment reconstruction and regional geological context)
Johannes Rembe, 2011

Fazies & paläoökologische Position kambrischer Stromatolithe der Burj Formation (Totes Meer, Jordanien).
(Facies patterns and palaeoecologic position of Cambrian stromatolites of the Burj Formation (Dead Sea, Jordan)
Johannes Musiol, 2011

Devonische Karbonate und Siliciklastika vom Geisersberg bei Kunnersdorf (Lausitz): Mikrofazies und Ablagerungsmodell.
(Devonian carbonates and siliciclastics from the Geisersberg section (Kunnersdorf, Lusitia): Microfacies and depositional model)
Anne Förster, 2011

Palynologie und Sedimenttationsdynamik des Ordoviziums von Unterhermsgrün (Vogtland).
(Palynology and sedimentary dynamics of the Ordovician of Unterhermsgrün [Vogtland area])
Marcel Hübner, 2010

Conodonten-Biostratigraphie und Dünnschliffanalyse oberdevonischer Karbonate des Rheinischen Schiefergebirges.
(Conodont biotratigraphy and thin section analysis on Late Devonian carbonates of the Rheinish Slate Mountain [Rheinisches Schiefergebirge])
Julia Beckert, 2010

Polarisationsmikroskopische, Kathodolumineszenz- und bildanalytische Untersuchungen zur Sedimentpetrographie kambrischer Siliziklastika im Gebiet des Al Qarqaf Uplift (Hasawnah Formation, Zentral Libyen).
(Petrographic investigation of Cambrian siliciclastics of the Al Qarqaf Uplift [Hasawnah Formation, Central Libya]: Microscopy, CL and image analysis)
Christine Wendler, 2009


Scientific work


focal points


research partners

(central Germany)

foraminifera, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, palaeoecology


A. Hesse (Dessau)

Ordovician Jordan, France, Germanysedimentology, facies, ichnology, paleoecology, biostratigraphy, biotic radiation, depositional history, biostratigraphysince 2012

T. Meischner (Freiberg).
A. Masri (Amman),
K. Moumani (Amman),
M. Abdelghafour (Amman),
U. Linnemann (Dresden)
F. Paris (Rennes)

Neogene Mediterranean (Italy, Spain)foraminifera, palaeoecology, climate changesince 2011A. Förster (Freiberg),
G.L. Pillola (Cagliari),
A. Porcu (Cagliari)
Cretaceous Germanyforaminifera, microfacies, biostratigraphy, depositional modelssince 2011M. Göthel (Cottbus),
P. Suhr (Freiberg),
M. Magnus (Freiberg)

Cambrian Libya

depositional model, facies, sedimentology, ichnology, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

since 2007

M.M. Altumi (Tripolis),
A.M. Abdada (Tripolis)

Cambrian Turkey

palaeontology, paleoecology, depositional model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

since 2006

S. Gürsu (Mugla),
H. Demircan (Ankara),
C. Göncüoglu (Ankara)

Cambrian Jordan

facies analysis, palaeontology, depositional model, palaeogeography, trophic structures, paleoecology, biostratigraphy, ichnology

since 1997

R. Shinaq (Irbid),
F. Ahmad (Zarqa),
G. Mangano (Saskatoon),
G. Geyer (Würzburg),
R. Hofmann (Zürich)

Cambrian Sardinia (Italy)

carbonate facies analysis, small shelly fossils, trilobites; paleoecology, environment, trophic structures

since 1995

G.L. Pillola (Cagliari),
M. Mergl (Plzen)

Cambrian Germany

facies analysis, small shelly fossils, trilobites, archaeocyaths; palaeontology, paleoecology, environment, depositional model, palaeogeography, trophic structures

since 1987

F. Debrenne (Paris),
G . Geyer (Würzburg),
A. Atnisha (Freiberg)

Cambrian Sinai

sedimentology, facies model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy; ichnology , paleoecology

2009 - 2013

M. Khalifa (Cairo),
S. Farouk (Cairo)

Cambrian Spain (Cantabrian Mountains & Cordoba area)

palaeontology, paleoecology, trophic structures, depositional model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

2003 - 2007

E. Moreno-Eiris (Madrid),
A. Perejón (Madrid),
R. Gozalo (Valencia),
E. Linan (Zaragossa)

Cambrian France (Montagne Noire)

palaeontology, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

2001 - 2003

J. Alvaro (Lille),
F. Debrenne (Paris)

Devonian Germany

volcanism and following carbonate sedimentation the Vogtland area; facies analysis and depositional model;
carbonate facies analysis of the Elbtal-Schiefergebirge Mountains;
stratigraphy & facies of carbonates of the Görlitz synclinorium

1997 - 2000

M. Kurze (Freiberg),
B. Gaitzsch (Freiberg),
U. Lehmann (Freiberg),
M. Göthel (Cottbus)

Permian Germany

microfacies and depositional model of upper Permian carbonates

1996 - 1998

I. Flatter (Bremen),
J. Wendler (Bremen)

Palaeozoic Egypt

sedimentology, palaeontology, facies model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy, paleoecology

2010 - 2013

S. Farouk (Cairo)

Triassic Germany

microfacies, diagenesis, and depositional model of Lower Triassic mixed deposits

2008 - 2016

J.W. Schneider (Freiberg),
M. Magnus (Freiberg)

modern North Sea

foraminifera, ecology


H. Freund (Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg)

Institutional supported projects

support institution



personal staff

Mugla University & MATU Ankara (Turkey)Cambrian of Turkey (palaeontology, paleoecology, palaeobiogeography, sedimentary facies).2012-2021

O. Elicki,
S. Gürsu,
C. Göncüoglu,
I. Gedik

MEMR (Jordan)Ordovician of southern Jordan: ichnology, invertebrate palaeontology, environmental reconstruction.2015-2021O. Elicki,
A. Masri,
K. Moumani,
M. Abdelghafour
Geological Survey of SaxonyMicropalaeontological investigation and biostratigraphy of Cretaceous outcrops in Saxony.since 2015O. Elicki
Geological Survey of Brandenburg (LBGR)Micropalaeontological investigation and biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous in Brandenburg State.since 2015O. Elicki
A. Förster
IBeWaPalaeontology and stratigraphy on carbonates and sulfates of the Upper Bunter (Triassic) of exploration wells at ASSE nuclear waste interim storage2014O. Elicki
(industrial reference project)
Palaeontologically based stratigraphic determinations and palaeoenvironmental analyses of Anisian carbonate succession at ASSE nuclear waste interim storage2013-2014O. Elicki,
T. Meischner
GEOS Engineering Corp.
(industrial reference project)
Palaeontology and biostratigraphy of ore exploration samples from southeastern Scandinavia2013O. Elicki
German Research Council (DFG)The start of the Phanerozoic at the northern edge of the East Sahara Craton (Libya): stratigraphy, facies, and process-correlation along the W-Gondwanan shelf.2010 - 2018O. Elicki,
M.M. Altumi
German Research Council (DFG)Taxonomic & stratigraphic revision and palaeogeography of the archaeocyatha of Germany.2010 - 2014F. Debrenne,
O. Elicki
German Research Council (DFG)Environments and correlation of early post-Panafrican facies realms at the northern margin of the Arabian-Nubian Shield (Egypt, Israel, Jordan).2009 - 2014O. Elicki,
M. Khalifa
S. Farouk,
D. Avigad,
F. Ahmad,
R. Shinaq
Libyan Petroleum Institute (LPI)Cambrian of Libya (palaeontology, paleoecology, palaeobiogeography, sedimentary facies).2007 - 2008O. Elicki,
O.S. Hammuda,
M. Altumi
German Research Council (DFG)Palaeontology, stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the marine Cambrian from the Dead Sea area with special respect to the microfaunas of Jordan and their correlation to the European Shelf of Gondwana.2004 - 2007O. Elicki,
R. Shinaq,
G. Mangano,
R. Hofmann
Geological Survey of SaxonyConodonts in the palaeozoic of Saxony.2005 - 2006O. Elicki,
M. Zeidler,
H. Walter
German Research Council (DFG)Cambrian in Cantabria and Asturoccidental-Leonese zones and in the Sierra Morena: "Aspectos sedimentológicos, paleobiológicos, tectónicos y metalogenéticos de las sucesiones del Cámbrico en la Península Ibérica y su reflejo en las crisis biológicas de los primeros metazoos."2004 - 2006A. Perejón,
E. Moreno-Eiris,
O. Elicki,
C. Quesada,
T. Sánchez,
J. Álvaro,
E. Vennin
German Research Council (DFG)Micro-faunas of the Early to Middle Cambrian Láncara Formation (Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain): micropalaeontology, palaeobiogeography and dynamics in the Early to Middle Cambrian of W Gondwana.2003 - 2006O. Elicki,
A. Perejón,
E. Moreno-Eiris,
Th. Biener
Geological Survey of SaxonyInvestigation on early Palaeozoic low grade metamorphosed units of Saxony: biostratigraphy, regional geology and new methodical approaches.2003 - 2004O. Elicki,
H. Walter,
M. Zeidler
German Research Council (DFG), Jordan Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST)Paleoecology and environment analysis of Cambrian carbonates of the southern Dead Sea region (Jordan).2000 - 2002O. Elicki,
J. Schneider,
R. Shinaq,
K. Bandel
German Research Council (DFG)Facies and paleoecology in the final stage of a Cambrian carbonate platform - the small shelly fauna of the Campo Pisano Fm. / SW Sardinia.1997 - 2003O. Elicki,
P. Münzberger,
Y. Hamann,
Th. Wotte
German Research Council (DFG)Cambrian carbonates of Germany: palaeobiogeography, fauna and facies analysis.1992 - 1997O. Elicki,
J. Schneider

Organizer of the following conferences

name / topic


"Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Basin Development in the Carboniferous and Permian", Colloquium at Freiberger Geotage (48th BHT-Conference).

June, 18th - 21st, 1997

"Late Carboniferous to Early Triassic of Central Europe - Processes and their Timing"
Workshop at Freiberger Geotage (53rd BHT-Conference).

June, 21st - 23rd, 2002

"Late Westphalian terrestrial biotas and palaeoenvironments of the Variscan Foreland and adjacent intramontane basins" (Central European Meeting of IGCP 469) & "Environmental reconstruction and stratigraphy in the Palaeozoic" (COTTA workshop).

October, 9th - 11th, 2004

"Fossil Ecosystems", 77. Annual Meeting of the German Palaeontological Society.

September, 16th - 20th, 2007

"DARWIN COLLOQUIUM" in honour of the 150th anniversary of the publication of "On the Origin of Species ..." and the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth.

June, 11th - 13th, 2009

"15th International Field Conference of the Cambrian Stage Subdivision Working Group - PRAGUE 2010" (International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy). Organizer of the Freiberg workshop "Cambrian of the Saxo-Thuringian".

June, 9th - 11th, 2010

CPC 2014
"International Field Meeting on Carboniferous and Permian Non-Marine - Marine Correlation".

July, 21th - 27th, 2014

Micropalaeontological Special Exhibition 2014 at terra mineralia
"Foraminiferen - Kleine Baumeister im Ozean (Foraminifera - Little Builders in the Ocean)".
- more than 5000 visitors ! -

September, 19th - November, 30th, 2014


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2010 - 14
2015 - 19
2020 - recent

Oral and poster presentations and reviews

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Review activities:

Reviews for scientific journals: e.g., Nature, Geological Magazine, Journ. of Paleontology, GFF, Gondwana Research, Alcheringa, Lecture Notes in Earth Sci., Ichnos, Journ. Marine & Petroleum Geology, Newsletters on Stratigraphy, Facies, Acta Paleont. Polonica, Journ. African Earth Sci., Journ. Asian Earth Sci., Internat. Journ. of Earth Sci., Journ. Iber. Geology, Arabian Journ. Geosci., Bull. of Geosci., GSA Bull., ZDGG, ...

Reviews of textbooks/chapters: e.g., STORCH: Evolutionsbiologie, Springer; MUTTERLOSE: Einf. Paläobiologie, Schweizerbart; ...

Reviews for scientific funding institutions: German Research Foundation (DFG), Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation (AvH), German-Israeli Foundation (GIF), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Reviews of Phd and Habilitation theses: TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining), Freie Universität Berlin (Dept. Geosciences), Universität Hamburg (Dept. Geosciences), Potsdam University (Dept. Geosciences), King Saud University, Riad, Saudi Arabia (Dept. of Geology & Geophysics), Pondicherry University, India (Dept. Earth Sciences).