About us

Welcome at the department of Geology
Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg!

Being part of the GeoCentrum Freiberg we try to find the most talented young people and teach them fundamentals and practical skills in geoscience.

Mankind needs resources like soil, air, food and raw materials e.g. water and energy. Geoscientists at Freiberg do research in exploration, monitoring and management of these primary resources. Understanding the major earth systems is mandatory to understand and try to avoid or derogate consequences of earth quakes, volcano eruptions or climate change.

Geoscientists from Freiberg are looking for the fundamental rules of natural systems with its physical, chemical and biological processes within an extreme spectrum of time and space. Global research activities are on the way in the ocean, the lithosphere and the mantle, however, as well a huge number of small scale eco-systems, ore bodies, aquatic systems, volcanoes and active faults.

Replication of earth systems in the lab is only partially possible. Gathering data happens in the lab, in the field and by means of remote sensing. Complex numerical models are helping us not only to crunch the huge number of data but as well to simulate earths systems and visualize the results.


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