Weitere Promotionsverteidigung im SFB 920


Am 18. Juli 2019 wird Herr M.Eng. Bruno Luchini, Doktorand im MGK des SFB 920, seine Dissertation mit dem Titel

"Processing and properties of bulk and cellular carbon-bonded refractory materials"


    Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2019
    14:00 Uhr
    Hörsaal Silikattechnik, SIL-0118,
    Haus Silikattechnik,
    Agricolastraße 17, EG

Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse der Dissertation:
This thesis reports the investigation of distinct topics concerning carbon-bonded materials‘ processing and characterization, from bulk to cellular samples. In the case of bulk samples, the effect of the volatiles release on the thermo-mechanical properties of Al2O3-C was analyzed. To understand this complex phenomenon, effective Young’s modulus, thermogravimetry and porosity measurements were conducted. A finite element analysis was developed to validate the assumptions made during the experimental part. The results pointed out that the volatiles release, the graphite anisotropy and the thermal expansion mismatch among the phases are the main cause of the non-linear effective Young’s modulus behavior of Al2O3-C bulk samples at high temperatures. Al2O3-C foam filters were also characterized. Topics such as the influence of processing route on the filters‘ homogeneity and mechanical properties were analyzed. It was shown that, due to the distinct shear rate associated with each processing route, different tapering degrees were attained in the filters‘ struts, directly influencing their cold crushing strength.

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