Publications of BHMZ

Extreme biomimetic approach for development of novel chitin-GeO₂ nanocomposites with photoluminescent properties

Bauer ME, Seifert T, Burisch M, Krause J, Richter N, Gutzmer J (2017) Indium-bearing sulfides from the Hämmerlein skarn deposit, Erzgebirge, Germany: evidence for late-stage diffusion of indium into sphalerite. Mineralium Deposita (DOI: 10.1007/s00126-017-0773-1)

Bauer ME, Burisch M, Ostendorf J, Krause J, Frenzel M, Seifert T, Gutzmer J (2018) Trace element geochemistry of sphalerite in contrasting hydrothermal fluid systems of the Freiberg district, Germany: insights from LA-ICP-MS analysis, near-infrared light microthermometry of sphalerite-hosted fluid inclusions and sulfur isotope geochemistry. Mineralium Deposita. doi: 10.1007/s00126-018-0850-0