Organic Chemistry


Sub-project 8:

Design, synthesis and complexation properties of new indium and germanium ligands

May 1ˢᵗ 2013 – April 30ᵗʰ 2017
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Aim of sub-project:
The project entails the design and preparation of ligand molecules for the specific recognition of germanium and indium. With the help of the appropriate ligands the metal ions should be transported from an acid aqueous solution of various metal salts into a basic aqueous milieu via an organic solvent phase or a membrane. The main problem that can be seen within this context is the relatively small concentration of the selected metal ions standing in close relation with further main and sub-group elements given by nature. Furthermore the metal salt solutions will vary in their constitution belonging to the according deposit. So it is necessary to develop particular effective and selective ligands, which take account of the mentioned situation. Besides the important geometrical and charge-specific fitting accuracy, kinetic aspects will also play an essential role to ensure continuous extraction conditions.
Ongoing work and results:
Project still in progress.

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