Contributing core professorships

  • Thomas Seifert
    Sub-project 1: Geology and metallogeny of indium and germanium deposits in the Erzgebirge and areas for comparison worldwide
  • Helmut Mischo
    Sub-project 2: Design, implementation and operation of an underground in-situ bioleaching research and testing unit at the "Reiche-Zeche" research and educational mine
  • Carsten Drebenstedt
    Sub-project 3: Characterization of trace elements content of enrichment zones in tailings/heaps and selective mining of these zones
  • Gerhard Heide
    Sub-project 4: Kinetics of leaching processes on natural and synthetic lead-zink-ores and related ore-minerals
  • Jörg Matschullat
    Sub-project 5: Geochemical analysis of trace elements in complex matrices
  • Michael Schlömann (coordinator)
    Sub-project 6: Microbial leaching of trace-element- or microminerals-containing sphalerite
  • Sub-project 7: Design of new In and Ge ligands – Computational chemistry analysis and optimization of their suitability as chelators
  • Monika Mazik
    Sub-project 8: Design, synthesis and complexation properties of new indium and germanium ligands
  • Sub-project 9: Development of a membrane based separation and accumulation process for selective recovery of metals from leaching solutions
  • Sub-project 10: Complex formation, hydrolysis and precipitation of indium and germanium under bioleaching conditions
  • Martin Bertau
    Sub-project 11: Metal recovery from complex polymetallic systems
  • Michael Stelter
    Sub-project 12: Hydrometallurgy of indium and germanium
  • Sub-project 13: Development of germanium-based biocomposites using biomimetic methods