Applied Engineering Geology and Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium - Winter Semester 2019

Applied Engineering Geology and

Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

10:30 - 17:30

Course Colloquium Programme


10:15-10:25 --- Meeting ---

10:25 Course Colloquium Check-in

10:30-10:45 Opening, Addresses

Opening address Dr. Nandor Tamaskovics

Opening address Amazon Alexa Brownfield Service

10:45-12:15 First presentation block

10:45 Moderation

10:46-10:51 Presentation 01: #51 - tubaf [dot] 64001atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64001atgmail [dot] com) Esmira, Bibaj (64001): Lavrio Brownfield Regeneration: from Deindustrialisation to Remediation

10:51 Moderation

10:52-10:57 Presentation 02: #50 - tubaf [dot] 65309atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65309atgmail [dot] com) Amtul, Shafi (65309): Urban Improvement Project - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan

10:57 Moderation

10:58-11:03 Presentation 03: #03 - tubaf [dot] 62844atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62844atgmail [dot] com) Djemiai, Naïl (62844): El Harrach River Rehabilitation, Algiers, Algeria

11:03 Moderation

11:04-11:09 Presentation 04: #04 - tubaf [dot] 64013atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64013atgmail [dot] com) Katiana Din, Doeana (64013): Pollutant-Laden Soil Remediation: The Case of Brownfield Redevelopment in Beijing, China

11:09 Moderation

11:10-11:15 Presentation 05: #05 - tubaf64137atgmail [dot] com (tubaf64137atgmail [dot] com) Sunil Varma, Vegesna(64137): Brownfield Revitalization of Herr’s Island, Pittsburgh, USA

11:15 Moderation

11:16-11:21 Presentation 06: #06 - tubaf [dot] 64323atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64323atgmail [dot] com) Clerence Fuabah, Fualefac  (64323): Environmental Impact of E-waste in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana

11:21 Moderation

11:22-11:27 Presentation 07: #09 - tubaf [dot] 64476atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64476atgmail [dot] com) Benjamin, Yeboah (64476): The Level of Efficient Serving of a Revitalized Brownfield Property

11:27 Moderation

11:28-11:33 Presentation 08: #08 - tubaf [dot] 64413atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64413atgmail [dot] com) Ibrahim, Al Salamin (64413): Brownfield Redevelopment in Wellston, Missouri, USA

11:33 Moderation

11:34-11:39 Presentation 09: #49 - tubaf [dot] 65286atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65286atgmail [dot] com) Frank Amo, Boateng (65286): A Geostatistical Approach to the Analysis of Neglected Diseases in Mining Areas in Ghana

11:39 Moderation

11:40-11:45 Presentation 10: #46 - tubaf [dot] 65227atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65227atgmail [dot] com) Claire, Cariven (65227): Conditions Around the Rehabilitation of a Seveso-classed Brownfield - Study Case of the Chemical Factory AZF (Seveso II), Toulouse, France

11:45 Moderation

11:46-11:51 Presentation 11: #52 - tubaf [dot] 64294atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64294atgmail [dot] com) Xavier, Essoh (64294): A Case Study of Urgent Need and Remediation of Abandoned Wells in Oklahoma

11:51 Moderation

11:52-11:57 Presentation 12: #12 - tubaf [dot] 64605atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64605atgmail [dot] com) Preet Inder Singh, Kainth (64605): Brownfield Redevelopment in Alberta, Canada

11:57 Moderation

11:58-12:03 Presentation 13: #13 - tubaf [dot] 64886atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64886atgmail [dot] com) Najib Mahfuzh, Abdallah  (64886): Tailing and Overburden Management in Grasberg Mine in Papua, Indonesia

12:03 Moderation

12:04-12:09 Presentation 14: #14 - tubaf [dot] 64894atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64894atgmail [dot] com) Demanou Tekeng, Raissa (64894): Environmental Impact and Rehabilitation in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after Disaster

12:09 Moderation

12:10-12:15 Presentation 15: #45 - tubaf65221atgmail [dot] com (tubaf65221atgmail [dot] com) Ravi Shankar, Gorli (65221): The Brownfields Methodology and Kuzbass Coal Mining Case


12:15-13:45 --- Lunch break ---

13:30 --- Meeting ---


13:45-15:15 Second presentation block

13:45 Moderation

13:46-13:51 Presentation 16: #16 - tubaf [dot] 64962atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64962atgmail [dot] com) Hasseye Badou , Ayouba (64962): The Issues Surrounding the Closure of Akokan Uranium Mine, Niger and Abandoned Mines Remediation

13:51 Moderation

13:52-13:57 Presentation 17: #17 - tubaf [dot] 64999atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64999atgmail [dot] com) Alhaji Sulaiman, Bah (64999): Land Reclamation and Alternative Land Use of Mined Out Artisanal Diamond Mines, Tongo Fields, Kenema District, Sierra Leone

13:57 Moderation

13:58-14:03 Presentation 18: #18 - tubaf [dot] 65000atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65000atgmail [dot] com) Sulaiman, Bah (65000): Environmental Management of Sierra Rutile Limited, Iluka Tailing, Bonth District, Sierra Leone

14:03 Moderation

14:04-14:09 Presentation 19: #19 - tubaf [dot] 65018atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65018atgmail [dot] com) Hamood, Shakeel (65018): Brownfield Revitalization of Agriculture Barren Land Contaminated with Hazardous Substance, Pakistan

14:09 Moderation

14:10-14:15 Presentation 20: #20 - tubaf [dot] 65022atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65022atgmail [dot] com) Gonzalo, Lagas (65022): Environmental Liabilities and Social Inequity: The case of Chañaral, Chile

14:15 Moderation

14:16-14:21 Presentation 21: #21 - tubaf [dot] 65023atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65023atgmail [dot] com) Nicole, Loyola (65023): Urban Revitalisation and Tourism in Former Coal Mine “The Devil’s Blast”, Lota, Chile

14:21 Moderation

14:22-14:27 Presentation 22: #22 - tubaf [dot] 65026atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65026atgmail [dot] com) Tsafack Toumekon, Derlich Premael (65026): Rehabilitation of the Safari Rock Quarry Bali, Northwest Region Cameroon

14:27 Moderation

14:28-14:33 Presentation 23: #48 - tubaf [dot] 65265atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65265atgmail [dot] com) MD Jony, Rana (65265): Hard Rock Mining in Bangladesh: Options to Mitigate Environmental and Social Impacts

14:33 Moderation

14:34-14:39 Presentation 24: #47 - tubaf [dot] 65264atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65264atgmail [dot] com) José, Iría (65264): Sustainable Redevelopment of São Domingos Mine in Portugal

14:39 Moderation

14:40-14:45 Presentation 25: #25 - tubaf [dot] 65088atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65088atgmail [dot] com) Sumi, Thapa (65088): Use of Compost in Brownfield

14:45 Moderation

14:46-14:51 Presentation 26: #26 - tubaf65089atgmail [dot] com (tubaf65089atgmail [dot] com) Nazim Sabri, Boucena (65089): Environmental Characterization of Mine Waste at the Pb–Zn Sidi Kamber Abandoned Mine, NE Algeria

14:51 Moderation

14:52-14:57 Presentation 27: #27 - tubaf [dot] 65090atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65090atgmail [dot] com) Ahsan, Abbas (65090): Brown Field X - The Candidate for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Pakistan

14:57 Moderation

14:58-15:03 Presentation 28: #28 - tubaf [dot] 65097atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65097atgmail [dot] com )Szymon , Bieniek (65097): Brownfield Revitalisation of Sulfur Mines in the Tarnobrzeg Area, Poland

15:03 Moderation

15:04-15:09 Presentation 29: #29 - tubaf [dot] 65101atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65101atgmail [dot] com) Nina Lydie, Ambassa Moko (65101): The Catastrophic Geomorphological Processes in Humid Tropical Africa. A Case Study of the Recent Landslide Disaster in Cameroon

15:09 Moderation

15:10-15:15 Presentation 30: #30 - tubaf [dot] 65112atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65112atgmail [dot] com) Barbara, Zabirzewska (65112): Perspectives of Brownfield Revitalisation of Brown Coal Mine Bełchatów, Poland

15:15 Moderation

15:15-15:45 --- Refreshment break ---

15:40 --- Meeting ---

15:45-17:45 Third presentation block

15:45 Moderation

15:46-15:51 Presentation 31:  #44 - tubaf [dot] 65217atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65217atgmail [dot] com) Ahmed, Almudallal (65217): The Environmental and Social Impact of Phosphate Mining in Jordan

15:51 Moderation

15:52-15:57 Presentation 32: #32 - tubaf [dot] 65136atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65136atgmail [dot] com) Prasenjit Modak, Modak (65136): Regeneration of the Hazaribagh Urban Brownfield, Bangladesh

15:57 Moderation

15:58-16:03 Presentation 33: #33 - tubaf [dot] 65154atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65154atgmail [dot] com) Mahdi, Amiribostanabad (65154): Sustainable Management of Iron Ore Mines of Sangan, Iran

16:03 Moderation

16:04-16:09 Presentation 34: #34 - tubaf [dot] 65164atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65164atgmail [dot] com) Ahmad, Elattafy (65164): The Colowyo Mine: A Case Study for Successful Mine Reclamation, Colorado, USA

16:09 Moderation

16:10-16:15 Presentation 35: #35 - tubaf [dot] 65169atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65169atgmail [dot] com) Adewale Omotosho, Amao (65169): Reclamation of Abandoned Mined-Out Areas of Bukuru-Rayfield, Nigeria

16:15 Moderation

16:16-16:21 Presentation 36: #36 - tubaf [dot] 65173atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65173atgmail [dot] com )Allah, Dad (65173): Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage in Coal Mines, Balochistan, Pakistan

16:21 Moderation

16:22-16:27 Presentation 37: #37 - tubaf [dot] 65178atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65178atgmail [dot] com) Shayak, Majumder (65178): Case Study for India- Land Reclamation, Urban Rehabilitation for Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project, Ahmedabad, India

16:27 Moderation

16:28-16:33 Presentation 38: #38 - tubaf [dot] 65180atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65180atgmail [dot] com) Dickson, Osei Kwadwo (65180): Redevelopment Strategies for Abandoned Chinese Mined Areas in Dunkwa on Offin, Ghana

16:33 Moderation

16:34-16:39 Presentation 39: #39 - tubaf [dot] 65184atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65184atgmail [dot] com) Alvaro José, Rodríguez Medina (65184): Removal of Mercury from the Effluents of the Gold Mine El Alacran, Colombia

16:39 Moderation

16:40-16:45 Presentation 40: #40 - tubaf [dot] 65190atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65190atgmail [dot] com) Charles, Udoutun (65190): Effect Of Crude Oil Exploration and Exploitation on Groundwater in Nigeria

16:45 Moderation

16:46-16:51 Presentation 41: #41 - tubaf [dot] 65198atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65198atgmail [dot] com) Godfrey Laurent, Sechu (65198): Improvement of Sewerage Systems by Reclaiming Wastewater through the Design of Waste Stabilization Ponds in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania

16:51 Moderation

16:52-16:57 Presentation 42: #42 - tubaf65199atgmail [dot] com (tubaf65199atgmail [dot] com) Djia, Anthony (65199): The Impact Of Copper Mining in Congo

16:57 Moderation

16:58-17:03 Presentation 43: #43 - tubaf [dot] 65212atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65212atgmail [dot] com) Nikita, Sergeev (65212): Groundwater Geological Activity in Russia

17:03 Moderation

17:04-17:09 Presentation 44: #01 - tubaf [dot] 45538atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 45538atgmail [dot] com) Nneamaka Lynda, Iheriohanma (45538): Exploration and Exploitation of Uranium Mining in Nigeria, Africa and its Relative Environmental Impacts

17:09 Moderation

17:10-17:15 Presentation 45: #07 - tubaf [dot] 64411atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64411atgmail [dot] com) Anthony Chidozie, Alozieuwa (64411): The Vision of the Niger Delta: Brownfield Revitalization and Remediation of the Niger Delta Region

17:15 Moderation

17:16-17:21 Presentation 46: #10 - tubaf [dot] 64480atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64480atgmail [dot] com) Charles, Onyekachukwu (64480): Illegal Gold Mining and the Effects of Water Pollution in Ghana in Relation to SDGs

17:21 Moderation

17:22-17:27 Presentation 47: #11 - tubaf [dot] 64527atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64527atgmail [dot] com) Ifeanyi Beniah, Onyebueke (64527): Brownfield and Land Vitalization in Maryland, USA

17:27 Moderation

17:28-17:33 Presentation 48: #15 - tubaf [dot] 64953atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64953atgmail [dot] com) Dongmo Kenfack, Jude  (64953): Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts of Artisanal/Semi-mechanized Gold Mining in Batouri, Cameroon

17:33 Moderation

17:34-17:39 Presentation 49: #31 - tubaf [dot] 65134atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65134atgmail [dot] com) Necati, Gedik (65134): The Worsening Impacts of Land Reclamation Assessed with Sentinel-1, Rize, Turkey

17:39 Moderation

17:40-17:45 Presentation 50: #02 - tubaf [dot] 60557atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 60557atgmail [dot] com) Waseem, Khan  (60557): Environmental Impacts of Lakhra Coal Mining, Sindh, Pakistan

17:45 Moderation

17:46-17:51 Presentation 51: #24 - tubaf [dot] 65055atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65055atgmail [dot] com) Maria Rosaria, Buonafine (65055): Land Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise in the Venice Lagoon, Italy

17:51 Moderation

17:52-17:57 Presentation 52: #23 - tubaf [dot] 65054atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 65054atgmail [dot] com) Maurizio, Mattino (65054): Environmental Rehabilitation of a Former Asbestos Mine Site: Balangero Case Study, Italy

17:57 Moderation


17:30 Closure

Closure Dr. Nandor Tamaskovics

Closure Amazon Alexa Brownfield Service


17:30 Course Colloquium Check-out

All audience is kindly asked to attend the event until the very end in respect to the speakers, giving their presentation in one of the last time slots. Thank You very much for Your understanding, if Your presence will be registered during and at the end of the event, qualified as a university oral exam equivalent.


Cancelled presentations due to exam absence and presentation withdrawal: To Be Anounced