Applied Engineering Geology and Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium - Winter Semester 2018

Applied Engineering Geology and

Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium

Winter Semester 2018

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

10:30 - 19:45

Course Colloquium Programme


10:15-10:25 --- Meeting ---

10:25 Course Colloquium Check-in

10:30-10:45 Opening, Procedure

Opening, Introduction and colloquium procedure presentation Dr.Nandor Tamaskovics and Alexa

10:45-12:15 First presentation block

10:45 Moderation

10:46-10:51 Presentation 01: tubaf [dot] 58358atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 58358atgmail [dot] com) Igwenagu Peter Nnaji  (58358): Coal Mining and its Environmental Impact in Nigeria

10:51 Moderation

10:52-10:57 Presentation 02: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 60782atgmail [dot] com) Jun Chen (60782): Research Progress on Remediation Technology of Mine Abandoned Land in China

10:57 Moderation

10:58-11:03 Presentation 03: tubaf [dot] 61435atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 61435atgmail [dot] com) Habeeb Thanveer Kalappurakkal (61435): Brownfield Revitalisation in Gold Mining Industry in India

11:03 Moderation

11:04-11:09 Presentation 04: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com) Iqbal Hossain (62116): Land Reclamation in Bangladesh Aiming to Stop Climate Migrants

11:09 Moderation

11:10-11:15 Presentation 05: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62140atgmail [dot] com) Habiba Hamza (62140): Fundamentals to a Green City

11:15 Moderation

11:16-11:21 Presentation 06: tubaf [dot] 62881atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62881atgmail [dot] com) Michael Barimah Osei (62881): Keta Sea Defense Project in Ghana

11:21 Moderation

11:22-11:27 Presentation 07: tubaf [dot] 62970atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62970atgmail [dot] com) Jaabir Duunya Ali (62970): Remediation of Water Bodies Polluted by Illicit Mining in Ghana

11:27 Moderation

11:28-11:33 Presentation 08: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62976atgmail [dot] com) Kwartema Osei-Mensah (62976): The Negative Implication of Land Reclamation of the Sakumo Ramsar Site

11:33 Moderation

11:34-11:39 Presentation 09: tubaf [dot] 63007atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63007atgmail [dot] com) Ayooluwa Emmanuel Olaobaju (63007): Oil Spill Remediation - A Case Study of Niger Delta Region, Nigeria

11:39 Moderation

11:40-11:45 Presentation 10: tubaf [dot] 63009atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63009atgmail [dot] com) Tommy Tabe Arrey Egbe (63009): A Review of the Potential for Mined-out Land Rehabilitation in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia

11:45 Moderation

11:46-11:51 Presentation 11: tubaf [dot] 63033atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63033atgmail [dot] com) Negar Shaya (63033): Investigation of Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran as a Brownfield Region

11:51 Moderation

11:52-11:57 Presentation 12: tubaf [dot] 63037atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63037atgmail [dot] com) Chiedji Benard Yemte (63037): Tenke Fungurume Copper and Cobalt Project, DR Congo: An Environmental Impact and Redevelopment Assessment

11:57 Moderation

11:58-12:03 Presentation 13: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63046atgmail [dot] com) Ozan Aydin (63046): Clean-up Process of Contaminated Soils and Groundwater by using Phytoremediation with Case Study Example

12:03 Moderation

12:04-12:09 Presentation 14: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63050atgmail [dot] com) Kabelo Duiker (63050): The Tragedy of the Gold Rush in South Africa

12:09 Moderation

12:10-12:15 Presentation 15: tubaf [dot] 63052atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63052atgmail [dot] com) Lebogang Ernest Tihabang (63052): Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining in the Mpumalanga Area, South Africa

12:15-12:45 --- Lunch break ---

12:45-14:15 Second presentation block

12:45 Moderation

12:46-12:51 Presentation 16: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63103atgmail [dot] com) Liketso Phoole (63103): The Reprocessing of Gango Gold Mine Tailings using Different Leaching Methods

12:51 Moderation

12:52-12:57 Presentation 17: tubaf [dot] 64255atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64255atgmail [dot] com) Hastrini Nawir: Integrated Post Mining Land Use for Coal Reclamation Area in Indonesia

12:57 Moderation

12:58-13:03 Presentation 18: tubaf [dot] 63716atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63107atgmail [dot] com) Botshelo Reaoleboga Vinger (63107): Adequate Planning of Mine Tailings in South Africa

13:03 Moderation

13:04-13:09 Presentation 19: tubaf [dot] 63342atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63342atgmail [dot] com) Md Ariful Islam (63342): Bangladesh’s Hazaribagh Tannery Brownfield Development - Present Conditions and Possibility

13:09 Moderation

13:10-13:15 Presentation 20: tubaf [dot] 63346atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63346atgmail [dot] com) Ibukun Ola (63346): Oil Contamination in Ogoni, Niger Delta

13:15 Moderation

13:16-13:21 Presentation 21: tubaf [dot] 63716atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63687atgmail [dot] com) Muntasir Shehab (63687): Brownfield Revitalization of Buriganga River in Dhaka City

13:21 Moderation

13:22-13:27 Presentation 22: tubaf [dot] 63716atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63716atgmail [dot] com) Christopher Oghomwendugh Enabulele (63716): Environmental Degradation as a Result of Coal Excavation in South-Eastern Nigeria

13:27 Moderation

13:28-13:33 Presentation 23: tubaf [dot] 63762atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63762atgmail [dot] com) Lyse Baratte (63762): Brownfield Revitalisation of a Kaolin Mine in Cornwall, England

13:33 Moderation

13:34-13:39 Presentation 24: tubaf [dot] 64200atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64200atgmail [dot] com) Nnanyere Ugochukwu Ogu (64200): The Degradation of Coal Mining in Enugu on the Environment and How It Can Be Remediated

13:39 Moderation

13:40-13:45 Presentation 25: tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64213atgmail [dot] com) Iboro Godswill Abraham (64213): The Impact of Oil Spillage on Agricultural Production in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria

13:45 Moderation

13:46-13:51 Presentation 26: tubaf [dot] 63779atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63779atgmail [dot] com) Emmanuel Ebuka Dara (63779): The Need for Remediation of Oil Spillage at Eleme Rivers Nigeria

13:51 Moderation

13:52-13:57 Presentation 27: tubaf [dot] 63716atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63781atgmail [dot] com) Suman Nepal (63781): A Review of Hydropower Projects in Nepal

13:57 Moderation

13:58-14:03 Presentation 28: tubaf [dot] 63786atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63786atgmail [dot] com) Kingsley Odoom (63786): Effects of High Levels of Heavy Metals in Obuas Municipality in Ghana

14:03 Moderation

14:04-14:09 Presentation 29: tubaf [dot] 63787atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63787atgmail [dot] com) Batzorig Sanchirgarav (63787): Backfilling and Securing of Abandoned Small Scale Coal Mines in Mongolia with Coal Combustion By-Products, CCBs

14:09 Moderation

14:10-14:15 Presentation 30: tubaf [dot] 63788atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63788atgmail [dot] com) Suvd-Erdene Tsend-Ayush (63788): Environmental Protection and Recultivation in Rhineland, Germany

14:15-14:45 --- Refreshment break ---

14:45-16:15 Third presentation block

14:45 Moderation

14:46-14:51 Presentation 31: tubaf [dot] 63873atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63873atgmail [dot] com) Clovis Khan Azuhchum (63873): The Negative Impacts of Gold Mining in the Eastern Region of Cameroon and Possible Remediations

14:51 Moderation

14:52-14:57 Presentation 32: tubaf [dot] 63874atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63874atgmail [dot] com) Yukbuin Nemtat (63874): Environmental Impact and Possible Remediation of Gold Mining in the Betare Oya Mining District, Cameroon

14:57 Moderation

14:58-15:03 Presentation 33: tubaf [dot] 63875atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63875atgmail [dot] com) Kerian Amin Ngu (63875): Artisanal Gold Mining in the East Region of Cameroon:  Environmental Impacts and Remediation

15:03 Moderation

15:04-15:09 Presentation 34: tubaf [dot] 63878atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63878atgmail [dot] com) Guilherme de Melo Carvalho (63878): The Biggest Mining Disaster in the World in Mariana City, Catastrophic Failure of Fundão Iron Ore Tailings Dam, State of Minas Gerais in Brazil

15:09 Moderation

15:10-15:15 Presentation 35: tubaf [dot] 63881atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63881atgmail [dot] com)  Pradeepta Mukherjee (63881): Brownfields Project in India-The Redevelopment of Mumbai Cotton Mills

15:15 Moderation

15:16-15:21 Presentation 36: tubaf [dot] 63882atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63882atgmail [dot] com) Sohrab Rustami (63882): Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for the Geological Investigation in Afghanistan

15:21 Moderation

15:22-15:27 Presentation 37: tubaf [dot] 63932atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63932atgmail [dot] com) Sylvester Osemundiamen Arikhan (63932): Chromium Contaminated Groundwater Brownfield

15:27 Moderation

15:28-15:33 Presentation 38: tubaf [dot] 63934atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63934atgmail [dot] com) Ogunyede Babatunde (63934): A Case Study of the Urgent Need for Remediation in an Abandoned Mine in Jos Plateau Mining Region, Nigeria

15:33 Moderation

15:34-15:39 Presentation 39: tubaf [dot] 63948atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63948atgmail [dot] com) Dheeraj Chitamanipet (63948): Park of Nations - Soil Decontamination and Urban Regeneration of a Brownfield Site in the City of Lisbon

15:39 Moderation

15:40-15:45 Presentation 40: tubaf [dot] 63948atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63949atgmail [dot] com) Keneilwe Salome Mataboge (63949): Removing Uranium from South African Abundant Mines Dumps

15:45 Moderation

15:46-15:51 Presentation 41: tubaf [dot] 63957atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63957atgmail [dot] com) Krzysztof Olszewski (63957): Reclamation of Selected Polish Lignite Open Pits by Flooding

15:51 Moderation

15:52-15:57 Presentation 42: tubaf [dot] 63959atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63959atgmail [dot] com) Tubosun Michael Oke (63959): Environmental Remediation of Lead Poisoning in Zamfara, North-Western Nigeria

15:57 Moderation

15:58-16:03 Presentation 43: tubaf [dot] 63969atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63969atgmail [dot] com) Komal Mallesh Chougule (63969): Bioremediation in India, Uttrakhand

16:03 Moderation

16:04-16:09 Presentation 44: tubaf [dot] 63959atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63975atgmail [dot] com) Angela Isabel Pedregal Montes (63975): Impact of the Derelict "Milluni” Mine into one of the Water Supply Reservoirs of La Paz, Bolivia: Necessity of Revitalisation

16:09 Moderation

16:10-16:15 Presentation 45: tubaf [dot] 63986atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63986atgmail [dot] com) Mamata Gharti Magar (63986): Brownfield Revitalisation through Bioremediation

16:15-16:45 --- Refreshment break ---

16:45-18:15 Fourth presentation block

16:45 Moderation

16:46-16:51 Presentation 46: tubaf [dot] 63995atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63995atgmail [dot] com) Ramji Kshetri (63995): Geological Hazards in Nepal

16:51 Moderation

16:52-16:57 Presentation 47: tubaf [dot] 63997atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63997atgmail [dot] com) Mohammad Golam Jahed (63997): Topic A Study of End-use of Brownfield Redevelopment Projects in Ohio

16:57 Moderation

16:58-17:03 Presentation 48: tubaf [dot] 63959atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63998atgmail [dot] com) Earnest Amartey Sebbie Sackey (63998): The Impact of Small Scale Mining in The Wassa Amenfi East District of Ghana

17:03 Moderation

17:04-17:09 Presentation 49: tubaf [dot] 64002atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64002atgmail [dot] com) Mashingil Makwin John (64002): Impacts of Abandoned Tin Mining Sites in Jos, North Central Nigeria

17:09 Moderation

17:10-17:15 Presentation 50: tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64215atgmail [dot] com) Mati Ullah Mushwani (64215): Sustainable Use of the Talc Resources for the Socio-economic Development in Eastern Afghanistan

17:15 Moderation

17:16-17:21 Presentation 51: tubaf [dot] 64009atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64009atgmail [dot] com) David Enrique de Jesus Guzmán Gallo (64009): Remediation of Sites Contaminated with Mercury in the Vicinity of the Atrato River in Colombia

17:21 Moderation

17:22-17:27 Presentation 52: tubaf [dot] 64048atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64048atgmail [dot] com) Gulce Oktem (64048): Mine Closure and Sustainability of Çöpler Gold Mine, Erzincan, Turkey

17:27 Moderation

17:28-17:33 Presentation 53: tubaf [dot] 64059atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64059atgmail [dot] com) Simon Obando (64059): Close up to the Expansion Project of the Landfill La Esmeralda in Manizales, Colombia

17:33 Moderation

17:34-17:39 Presentation 54: tubaf [dot] 64139atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64139atgmail [dot] com) Samuel Idekinma Onwuachi (64139): Impact of Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria to Water Resources and Way of Reclamation

17:39 Moderation

17:40-17:45 Presentation 55: tubaf [dot] 64070atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64070atgmail [dot] com) Aleksandra Sidorovich (64070):  Russian Atomic Energy Industry: Engineering Solutions for Temporary Storage and Final Isolation of Radioactive Waste

17:45 Moderation

17:46-17:51 Presentation 56: tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com (tubaf64096atgmail [dot] com) Momtaj Rahman Mou (64096): A Study on Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment in Minnesota

17:51 Moderation

17:52-17:57 Presentation 57: tubaf [dot] 64105atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64105atgmail [dot] com) Bettina Afari (64105): Illegal Gold Mining Brownfield Sites in Western Ghana

17:57 Moderation

17:58-18:03 Presentation 58: tubaf [dot] 64106atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64106atgmail [dot] com) Şükrü Tarık Metin (64106):  Water and Soil Contamination Caused by Hg Mining Activity in Turkey

18:03 Moderation

18:04-18:09 Presentation 59: tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com (tubaf64107atgmail [dot] com) Ogün Çelik (64107): Acid Mine Drainage and Heavy Metal Contamination in Balya Pb-Zn Sulfide Mine

18:09 Moderation

18:10-18:15 Presentation 60: tubaf64107atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64108atgmail [dot] com) Sandra Natalia Teruya Revilla (64108): Closure Method Applied to Pucara Mining Tunnel, Goyllarisquizga - Pasco - Perú


18:15-18:45 --- Refreshment break ---

18:45-19:45 Fifth presentation block

18:45 Moderation

18:46-18:51 Presentation 61: tubaf [dot] 64109atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64109atgmail [dot] com) Martin Kofi Mensah (64109): Illegal Small-Scale Gold Mining in Ghana, the Impacts, Challenges, and Wayforward

18:51 Moderation

18:52-18:57 Presentation 62: tubaf [dot] 64132atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64132atgmail [dot] com) Vincent Akin Akinkuoroye (64132): Environmental Impact of Oil Spillage and Remediations - A Case Study of Obite/Ogbogu, Rivers State, Nigeria

18:57 Moderation

18:58-19:03 Presentation 63: tubaf [dot] 64138atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64138atgmail [dot] com) José Fernando García del Real Meseguer (64138): Reuse of the Industrial Area “Hondón” in Cartagena-Spain, Contaminated with Phosphate Sludge and U-238

19:03 Moderation

19:04-19:09 Presentation 64: tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64142atgmail [dot] com) Bugunei Bat-Erdene (64142): Rehabilitation of The Mastra Gold Mine Site in Gümüshane, Turkey

19:09 Moderation

19:10-19:15 Presentation 65: tubaf [dot] 64168atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64168atgmail [dot] com) Momina Hashmi (64168): Remediation of Coal Mines in North Afghanistan

19:15 Moderation

19:16-19:21 Presentation 66: tubaf [dot] 64176atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64176atgmail [dot] com) Godfavour Adeyi Iwkuka (64176): The Niger Delta of Dream, Land Remediation of Nigeria's Niger Delta and the Prospects

19:21 Moderation

19:22-19:27 Presentation 67: Reserve

19:27 Moderation

19:28-19:33 Presentation 68: Reserve

19:33 Moderation

19:34-19:39 Presentation 69: Reserve

19:39 Moderation

19:40-19:45 Presentation 70: Reserve

19:45 Moderation

19:45 Course Colloquium Check-out

All audience is kindly asked to attend the event until the very end in respect to the speakers, giving their presentation in one of the last time slots. Thank You very much for Your understanding, if Your presence will be registered during and at the end of the event, qualified as an university oral exam equivalent.