Applied Engineering Geology and Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium - Summer Semester 2019

Applied Engineering Geology and

Brownfield Revitalisation Colloquium

Friday, July 26th, 2019

10:30 - 17:45

Course Colloquium Programme


10:15-10:25 --- Meeting ---

10:25 Course Colloquium Check-in

10:30-10:45 Opening, Addresses

Opening address Dr. Nandor Tamaskovics

Opening address Amazon Alexa Brownfield Service

10:45-12:15 First presentation block

10:45 Moderation

10:46-10:51 Presentation 01: tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 62116atgmail [dot] com) Hossain, Iqbal (62116): Land Reclamation in Bangladesh Aiming to Stop Climate Migrants

10:51 Moderation

10:52-10:57 Presentation 02: -tubaf [dot] 63158atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63158atgmail [dot] com) Tayyab, Mehmood (63158): TOPIC: Dynamic Role of Brownfield Regeneration in Sustainable Urban Development

10:57 Moderation

10:58-11:03 Presentation 03: tubaf [dot] 63999atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63999atgmail [dot] com) Paul, Naveen Eldho (63999): Heavy mineral sand mining in Alappad , the environmental impacts and environmental management plans

11:03 Moderation

11:04-11:09 Presentation 04: tubaf [dot] 63880atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63880atgmail [dot] com) Muhammad Zaeem, Rana (63880): Environmental Impacts of Pebble Mine in Alaska, USA

11:09 Moderation

11:10-11:15 Presentation 05: tubaf [dot] 64549atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64549atgmail [dot] com) Billah, Md Masum (64549): A Study of End-use of Brownfield Redevelopment Projects in Ohio

11:15 Moderation

11:16-11:21 Presentation 06: tubaf [dot] 64003atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64003atgmail [dot] com) Fadila, Adamu (64003): Environmental Threats of Artisanal Mining in Nigeria

11:21 Moderation

11:22-11:27 Presentation 07: tubaf [dot] 64007atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64007atgmail [dot] com) Irmak, Dogan (64007): Progressive Rehabilitation of Martabe Gold Mine

11:27 Moderation

11:28-11:33 Presentation 08: tubaf [dot] 64262atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64262atgmail [dot] com) Mário Rui, Correia da Silva (64262): The Effect of the Tailing Bacteria Culture on the Leashing and Concentration of Heavy Metals in São Domingos Mine

11:33 Moderation

11:34-11:39 Presentation 09: tubaf [dot] 64015atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64015atgmail [dot] com) Hadish, Ghebrezgabiher (64015): Eritrea’s Mineral Sector Mining and Its Negative Impact on the Local Communities with Employees in Concern, Eritrea

11:39 Moderation

11:40-11:45 Presentation 10: tubaf [dot] 64550atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64550atgmail [dot] com) Patrick, Agu (64550): The Reclamation of Post-Mine Sites in Poland

11:45 Moderation

11:46-11:51 Presentation 11: tubaf [dot] 64218atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64218atgmail [dot] com X)inyu, Gao (64218): The Reclamation of an Open Pit Mine in Shanxi Province (North China)

11:51 Moderation

11:52-11:57 Presentation 12: tubaf [dot] 64219atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64219atgmail [dot] com) Mengmeng, Gou (64219): Metal Ore Land Reclamation Scheme Design: a Case Study of Chifeng, China

11:57 Moderation

11:58-12:03 Presentation 13: tubaf [dot] 64220atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64220atgmail [dot] com) Penghui, Wei (64220): Ecological Restoration and Revitalization of Open-pit Coal Mine in Hulunbeier, China

12:03 Moderation

12:04-12:09 Presentation 14: tubaf [dot] 64221atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64221atgmail [dot] com) Qinglai, Zhang (64221): The Revitalization of Mine Wasteland in An Hui Province in China

12:09 Moderation

12:10-12:15 Presentation 15: tubaf [dot] 64222atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64222atgmail [dot] com) Yuxin, Hao (64222): Study on Ecological Restoration Technical Route of Coal Mining Area in China

12:15-13:45 --- Lunch break ---

13:45-15:15 Second presentation block

13:45 Moderation

13:46-13:51 Presentation 16: tubaf [dot] 64223atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64223atgmail [dot] com) Chujian, Han (64223): Study on the Benefits Allocation of Land Reclamation and Ecological Reconstruction in Mining Areas

13:51 Moderation

13:52-13:57 Presentation 17: tubaf [dot] 64224atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64224atgmail [dot] com) Asumile Silas, Mwakibinga (64224): Mine Land Rehabilitation in South Africa

13:57 Moderation

13:58-14:03 Presentation 18: tubaf [dot] 64547atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64547atgmail [dot] com) Oludotun Olaniran, Akinbobola (64547): Effects of Sea Level Rise and Reclamation Activities on Coastlines and Wetlands of Lagos, Nigeria

14:03 Moderation

14:04-14:09 Presentation 19: tubaf [dot] 64226atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64226atgmail [dot] com) Hamid Reza, Sam (64226): Rehabilitation Status and Practices after Bauxite Mining in South-Western Australia

14:09 Moderation

14:10-14:15 Presentation 20: tubaf [dot] 64227atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64227atgmail [dot] com) Saman, Naghshi (64227): Reclamation of Granite Stone Quarry – A Case Study in Jostan Granite Mine, Tehran, Iran

14:15 Moderation

14:16-14:21 Presentation 21: tubaf [dot] 64228atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64228atgmail [dot] com) Volodymyr, Salli (64228): Revitalised and Reclamated Areas in Ukraine

14:21 Moderation

14:22-14:27 Presentation 22: tubaf [dot] 64229atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64229atgmail [dot] com) Anna, Neshchadymenko (64229): Using of Tailings and Abandoned Coal Mines of Ukraine

14:27 Moderation

14:28-14:33 Presentation 23: tubaf [dot] 64230atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64230atgmail [dot] com) Arsenii, Rybalchenko (64230): TOPIC The Industrial Revitalisation of the Kiselevsky Coal Mining Brownfield in Kuzbass (West Siberia, Russia)

14:33 Moderation

14:34-14:39 Presentation 24: tubaf [dot] 64231atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64231atgmail [dot] com) Nykyta Romanovych, Mekshun (64231): Converting of Abandoned Mines in Leisure Places in the World

14:39 Moderation

14:40-14:45 Presentation 25: tubaf [dot] 63742atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63742atgmail [dot] com) Jacqueline Tayu, Mbonguah (63742): Artisanal Gold Mining in East Cameroon - Impact on the mining population and their environment and Possible Mitigation

14:45 Moderation

14:46-14:51 Presentation 26: tubaf [dot] 64012atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64012atgmail [dot] com) Diego Alejandro, Restrepo Galeano (64012): Sustainable Mining Closure and Rehabilitation of a Limestone Mine in Barranquilla, Colombia

14:51 Moderation

14:52-14:57 Presentation 27:  tubaf [dot] 64546atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64546atgmail [dot] com) Ghazal Noor Us, Saba (64546): TOPIC: Critical Barriers to Brownfield Redevelopment in Pakistan

14:57 Moderation

14:58-15:03 Presentation 28: tubaf [dot] 64332atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64332atgmail [dot] com) Philip Muluh, Bongjoh (64332): The Fungurume Copper And Cobalt Project in DR Congo; An Environmental Impact and Redevelopment Assessment

15:03 Moderation

15:04-15:09 Presentation 29: tubaf [dot] 64346atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64346atgmail [dot] com) Adle Mahmod, Elkubti (64346): Channel Hamburg Nucleus for New Settlements in the City

15:09 Moderation

15:10-15:15 Presentation 30: tubaf [dot] 64366atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64366atgmail [dot] com) Ali, Erdesat (64366): Industrial Park Hoechst (Chances and Risk)

15:15 Moderation

15:15-15:45 --- Refreshment break ---

15:45-17:15 Third presentation block

15:45 Moderation

15:46-15:51 Presentation 31: tubaf [dot] 64382atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64382atgmail [dot] com) Solange Fonkem, Atenkia (64382): Environmental Impacts on Artisanal Gold Mining in Batouri Area (East Region) Cameroon and How to Remediate It

15:51 Moderation

15:52-15:57 Presentation 32:  tubaf [dot] 64545atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64545atgmail [dot] com) Ahmed, Kamal (64545): Potential Revitalization of Thar Coal Field in Pakistan

15:57 Moderation

15:58-16:03 Presentation 33: tubaf [dot] 64397atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64397atgmail [dot] com) Woraruethai, Lakantha (64397): Vetiver Grass; Alternative for Soil Conservation, a Case Study in Thailand

16:03 Moderation

16:04-16:09 Presentation 34: tubaf [dot] 64407atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64407atgmail [dot] com) Kofi, Moro (64407): The Degree of Efficient Serving of a Revitalized Brownfield Property; A Case  Study in Tarkwa, Western Region, Ghana

16:09 Moderation

16:10-16:15 Presentation 35: tubaf [dot] 64409atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64409atgmail [dot] com) Matias Alfredo, Sepulveda Montiglio (64409):  Lo Aguirre Mine Closure; A Chilean Case Study

16:15 Moderation

16:16-16:21 Presentation 36: tubaf [dot] 64543atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64543atgmail [dot] com) Hossain Al, Tanjil (64543): Assessing Environmental Threats of Buriganga River, Bangladesh and Possible Solutions; A Case Study

16:21 Moderation

16:22-16:27 Presentation 37: tubaf [dot] 64428atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64428atgmail [dot] com) Alejandro Marcelo, Honores Balcarcel (64428): Phytoremediation of Tailings in Chile 

16:27 Moderation

16:28-16:33 Presentation 38: tubaf [dot] 64470atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64470atgmail [dot] com) Jones Owusu, Afriyie (64470):  'Galamsey', The Menace of Water Pollution in Ghana in Relation to SGDs 

16:33 Moderation

16:34-16:39 Presentation 39: tubaf [dot] 64497atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64497atgmail [dot] com) Daria, Konkina (64497): National Project ’Ecology’ as a Part of Changes in Revitalization of Mining Sites in Russia

16:39 Moderation

16:40-16:45 Presentation 40: tubaf [dot] 64504atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64504atgmail [dot] com) : Chukwuemeka Michael, Muonagor (64504): The Benefits of Mine Site Reclamation in Nigeria

16:45 Moderation

16:46-16:51 Presentation 41: tubaf [dot] 64505atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64505atgmail [dot] com) João Manoel, Lourenço Correia Neto (64505): The Brumadinho Tailings Dam Failure in Minas Gerais, Brazil

16:51 Moderation

16:52-16:57 Presentation 42: tubaf [dot] 64528atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64528atgmail [dot] com) Adeniyi Samuel, Aderotoye (64528): Environmental Implication of Oil Exploration and Exploitation in the Coastal Region of Ondo State, Nigeria

16:57 Moderation

16:58-17:03 Presentation 43: tubaf [dot] 64530atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64530atgmail [dot] com) Mark, Monyuy Fonshiynwa (64530): Brownfield Revitalisation in the Eco Industrial Park of Rio de Janeiro

17:03 Moderation

17:04-17:09 Presentation 44: tubaf [dot] 64544atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64544atgmail [dot] com) Aly Mohamed Abdelrahman, Swelam (64544): Reclamation and Development of Al Azhar Park in Cairo, Egypt 

17:09 Moderation

17:10-17:15 Presentation 45: tubaf [dot] 64396atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64396atgmail [dot] com) Marcelle Milaine, Ngoh Njongue (64396): Perception of the environmental degradation of Gold mining sites in Eastern Cameroon

17:15 Moderation

17:16-17:21 Presentation 46: tubaf [dot] 64225atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64225atgmail [dot] com) Shuo, Wang (64225): Redeveloping Brownfield into Green Space in China 

17:21 Moderation

17:22-17:27 Presentation 47: tubaf [dot] 64061atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64061atgmail [dot] com) Alugunti, Jayaprakash Reddy (64061): River Pollution in India

17:27 Moderation

17:28-17:33 Presentation 48: tubaf [dot] 64548atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64548atgmail [dot] com) Babu, Shakil (64548): Regeneration of Hazaribagh Urban Brownfield 

17:33 Moderation

17:34-17:39 Presentation 49: tubaf [dot] 64253atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64253atgmail [dot] com) Mekdour, Mohammed Islam (64253): A Scientometric Analysis and Visualization of Global Research on Brownfields


17:45 Course Colloquium Check-out

All audience is kindly asked to attend the event until the very end in respect to the speakers, giving their presentation in one of the last time slots. Thank You very much for Your understanding, if Your presence will be registered during and at the end of the event, qualified as a university oral exam equivalent.

Cancelled presentations:


16:22-16:27 Presentation 37: tubaf [dot] 64426atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64426atgmail [dot] com) Jalil Ahmed, Baloch (64426): Coal Analysis for Radon Concentration, Balochistan, Pakistan


16:28-16:33 Presentation 38: tubaf [dot] 64427atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64427atgmail [dot] com) Siddique, Baloch (64427): Impacts of 2015 Heat Wave in Karachi, Pakistan


17:46-17:51 Presentation 46: tubaf [dot] 64413atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64413atgmail [dot] com) Ibrahim, Alsalamin (64413): Brownfields Reinvigorating the Use of the Elizabeth River in Elizabeth, New Jersey (Features Groundwork Elizabeth, NJ)


18:04-18:09 Presentation 49: tubaf [dot] 64294atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 64294atgmail [dot] com) Xavier Muriel, Essoh Lowa (64294): A Case Study of Urgent Need and Remediation of Abandoned Wells in Oklahoma


18:28-18:33 Presentation 53: tubaf [dot] 63974atgmail [dot] com (tubaf [dot] 63974atgmail [dot] com) Damilola Bolaji, Ajibola (63974): Environmental Impacts of Abandoned Mines and Remediation Measures in Nigeria