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The degree programme Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management imparts knowledge and skills to the students for selfreliant scientific work in the fields of environmentally friendly mining, mining remediation and vitalisation of industries. The programme is based on the worldwide unique German know how for the mining remediation, especially for uranium, lignite and ore mining. About 15 Bln € have been spent on this know how. The concept of the unique, research oriented study programme was created. This programme is implemented in close cooperation with mining and remediation enterprises. The study programme combines natural, engineering and business sciences, theory and praxis in unique way. The study objective is the acquirement of the degree Master of Science. This study programme is offered on a full-time as well on a part-time basis minimising the disruption of the work. The subject-specific basis modules are offered in the 1st and 2nd semesters in the form of the block courses (i.e. 6 CP). The compulsory core is supplemented with two possible block courses of choice. The 3rd semester includes the so called Master’s seminar and Master’s thesis. Participants will acquire world-class skills documented by Professional Development Certificates or by obtaining an internationally recognized Master of Science degree, while minimising the disruption of their work by flexible modular delivery. The special profile of this postgraduate Master's programme enables a graduate to work worldwide at the relevant mining and mining remediation enterprises, public administrations, and international organisations. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg with its unique profile is regarded as one of the most successful and respected universities in Germany since nearly 250 years. Strong scientific university departments work together in an interdisciplinary relationship to tackle one of the most pressing future issues of humanity: the sustainable, safe and economic supply of raw materials, working materials and energy to society.

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