• Wanja Timm Schulze
    Domain-averaged Fermi holes: A self-interaction correction perspective
    Masterarbeit, 16.12.2021
  • Anita Katheras
    Investigation of the electronic properties of Cs-intercalated WSe2 using electron-energy loss spectroscopy
    Masterarbeit, 07.12.2020
  • Simon Brehm
    Superoscillations of terahertz phonons in superlattices investigated by asynchronous optical sampling
    Masterarbeit, 23.10.2019
  • Jan Rix
    Set-up and test of a Brillouin spectrometer for biomedical applications
    Masterarbeit, 30.09.2019
  • Jakob Kraus
    Self-interaction correction applied to molecules in solution
    Masterarbeit, 20.09.2019
  • Lenz Fiedler
    Implementation and reassessment of the Fermi-Löwdin orbital self-interaction correction for LDA, GGA and mGGA functionals
    Masterarbeit, 08.08.2018
  • Hemanth Nagaraj
    Surface energy of investigations of α Al2O3
    Masterarbeit, 07.08.2017
  • Ahmed Butt Suleman
    CUDA and MPI implementation and benchmarking of a Monte Carlo simulation for charge diffusion
    Masterarbeit, 09.05.2017
  • Hiremat Praveenkumar First-principles based interatomic potential generation for magnetic Iron
    Masterarbeit, 30.11.2016
  • René Wirnata
    Wave vector dependent linear electromagnetic response functions in materials physics
    Masterarbeit, 26.10.2016
  • Mohammad Khair Nahhas
    Atomistic modelling of the fracture behaviour in the complex metallilc alloy Mg2Ca
    Masterarbeit, 30.11.2015
  • Guoxiang Zu
    Effect of solute atoms on the fracture behavior and properties of dilute Mg-based alloys
    Masterarbeit, 30.11.2015
  • Madas, Saibabu
    Numerical comparison of the accuracy and transferability of Fe empirical potentials
    Masterarbeit, 24.08.2015
  • Raghuram, Reddy
    Atomic modelling of the effect of calcium on the yield surface of nanocrystalline magnesium-based alloys
    Masterarbeit, 29.06.2015
  • Vivek Sadanand Naik
    Atomistic modelling of <c+a> dislocations in Ti
    Masterarbeit, 13.03.2015
  • Narendra Prabhakar Arasu
    Atomistic modelling of dislocation/precipitate interaction in magnesium alloys
    Masterarbeit, 02.02.2015
  • Christian Lurz
    Number Theory and Physics – An Attempt to Proof the Legendre Conjecture using methods from physics
    Masterarbeit, 14.01.2015
  • Marcel Schiwarth
    Ab-initio investigation of copper-vacancy nanoclusters in bcc iron
    Masterarbeit, 21.11.2014
  • Sebastian Schwalbe
    DFT investigations of BiFeO3 phases: bandgap and dielectric functions calculations
    Masterarbeit, 24.06.2014
  • Kai Trepte
    Magnetic and electronic properties of Ni2S2O2N6C57H78P+ on Au(111) in comparison to the isolated molecule
    Masterarbeit 29.01.2014
  • Hussein Farahani
    A computational study of trends in the elastic properties phases of Fe-N-X employing ab initio density-functional-theory calculations
    Master Thesis 17.01.2014
  • Masud Alam
    Investigations of bonding sites between Al2O3 and graphitic Carbon interface by DFT
    Masterarbeit 28.10.2013
  • Simon Liebing
    Quantum transport through molecules: Influence of contact groups
    Masterarbeit 12.07.2013
  • Simon Lamowski
    Low-energy electronic excitations in Ti1-x Alx N
    Masterarbeit 20.02.2013
  • Rico Friedrich
    Density Functional Investigation of a Phthalocyanine Based Spin Transfer Material
    Masterarbeit, 08.10.2012