Tilmann Leisegang for a research visit at University of Milan

Following an invitation of Professor Davide Proserpio, Tilmann Leisegang visited the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan in Italy for a one-week research stay.

The aim of the research stay from 11–17 November 2019 was to intensify the scientific cooperation between Freiberg and Milan that already started earlier in the course of a joint EU proposal

Davide Proserpio is a world-known expert in the topology of crystal structures, especially of metal-organic architectures. More than 1000 crystal species including their physico-chemical properties have been investigated by him. Many of his pioneering articles are among the most cited articles in the respective journals. Several years he worked with Roald Hoffmann who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981 for his theories concerning the course of chemical reactions.

Prof. Davide Proserpio, Dr. Tilmann Leisegang, and Dr. Carlo GattiDuring his research visit, Tilmann Leisegang gave two lectures entitled “From peculiarities of crystalline matter to material conversion and storage” and “Identification of battery materials: demands and assessment”. There was enough time to discuss approaches for identifying favorable structural characteristics for novel solid electrolytes. Together with Professor Pavlo Solokha from the University of Genoa, who shortly visited Milan, the joint work on high-throughput screening of intermetallic compounds for identifying approximant crystals could be continued. Moreover, Tilmann Leisegang had the opportunity to speak with Professor Lucia Carlucci, a specialist in the synthesis of new Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)/graphene composite materials for applications in the energy field, and Dr. Carlo Gatti, who was awarded the Gregori Aminoff Prize in Crystallography in 2013 for developing experimental and theoretical methods to study electron density in crystals, and using them to determine molecular and crystalline properties.

The University of Milan is a rather young university but belongs to the largest universities in Europe.

Contact: Dr. Tilmann Leisegang

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