Falk Meutzner successfully defended his doctoral thesis

Falk Meutzner successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Crystal-chemical algorithms for the identification of potentially cation-conducting materials from crystallographic databases” on December 6, 2019.

The work was carried out in close cooperation between the IEP and the Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science (SCTMS) of the Samara State Technical University. Vladislav Blatov, Director of the SCTMS, and Thomas Doert, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at Dresden University of Technology, were the external reviewers of the doctoral thesis.

The work of Falk Meutzner was dedicated to the theoretical description of cationic conductivity in solid crystalline matter. The main results deal with sodium and aluminum ion conductors and an algorithm for the theoretical identification of potentially ion-conducting materials from large crystallographic databases.

Disputation Meutzner Falk Meutzner can look back on a very successful time. It all began in 2013 when he accepted the challenge for a job offer in the field of electrochemical energy storage, a field of science that Tilmann Leisegang has developed at the IEP. Together they established the idea of using crystallographically inspired tools to identify ionic conductors. This turned out to be a real challenge at that time. After the development of first own too simple solutions Falk Meutzner finally identified the ToposPro program as the perfect tool of choice. He immediately began testing it successfully on sodium ion conductors for the first time and soon published his first results. He was invited by Vladislav Blatov, the inventor of ToposPro, to further develop the algorithms and therefore visited the SCTMS for the first time in 2015. Falk Meutzner soon became a member of the ToposPro Expert Team. It became the starting point for a very fruitful collaboration in which more than 8 publications and 20 conference contributions have been produced to date.

Later, Falk Meutzner received a Federmann scholarship for a three-month research stay at Bar Ilan University, Department of Chemistry, under Doron Aurbach, the inventor of the field of rechargeable magnesium batteries and today one of the highly cited researchers. In addition, Falk Meutzner successfully applied for several travel grants, for a research stay at the SCTMS supported by the German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Centre and for participating in the 4th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography in Hyderabad, India. He received two poster prizes and a second place in the ECM Science Slam at the European Crystallographic Meeting in Basel, Swiss.

Based on his successful scientific career, we believe that he will successfully bring his knowledge and skills to disciplines other than science. We wish him all the best and thank him for his productive and always beautiful time.

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