Janosch Gröning

Janosch Gröning

Technical Assistent, Research Group Environmental Microbiology




 Publications and Posters

Group association

Works in collaboration with Dr. Stefan Kaschabek.

Participating in the supervision of student practical training

  • Grundlagen der Biochemie und Mikrobiologie -- Modul BCMIK.BA.Nr. 149
  • Mikrobiologisch-biochemisches Praktikum -- Modul MIBIPRA.BA.Nr. 156
  • Umweltverhalten organischer Schadstoffe -- Modul UWTOX.MA.Nr. 3026
  • Biotechnologische Produktionsprozesse -- Modul BTP.MA.Nr. 3027
  • Microbiology of Fossil and Regenerative Energy Resources -- Modul MICENER.MA.Nr. 3049
  • Enzyme: Reinigung, Charakterisierung, Mechanismen -- Modul ENZ.MA.Nr. 3157

Research interests

  • Genetic work with high-GC strains (PCR, cloning and gene knock-out)
  • Expression and purification of enzymes and characterisation of their properties