DAAD Programm "Biotechnology in Mining - integration of new technologies into educational practice"

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Universities, Institutes, Scientists involved

  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg
    Institute of Biosciences:
    - Biology/Ecology Unit: Prof. Dr. Hermann Heilmeier (Project Leader)
    - Environmental Microbiology: Prof. Dr. Michael Schlömann
    Institute of Mining and Special Civil Engineering, Chair of Surface Mining:
    Prof. Dr. Carsten Drebenstedt
  • National Mining University Dnipropetrovsk:
    Mining Faculty: Dr. Iryna Klimkina, Dr. Oleksandr Kovrov



Grant programme: "Fachbezogene Partnerschaften mit Hochschulen in Entwicklungsländern ab 2015" ("Scientific Partnerships with Universities from Developing Countries from 2015 onwards")

Duration: 01/2015-12/2018

Biomining: New Era of Mining Technologies (NMU)


Project Description

In the frame of the Cooperation Agreement signed 01.07.2004 between TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TU BAF), Germany, and National Mining University (NMU), Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, new educational modules will be developed to promote teaching in the field of biotechnology in mining at NMU.

TU BAF has established a module in “Biotechnology in Mining”, presenting basic knowledge on microbial leaching and mine water treatment. Phytoremediation and phytomining are taught in modules of ecology. In all modules a major emphasis is on practical training of students.

In the frame of the project, the following new modules will be established at NMU: Fundamentals of Microbiology for Mining, Microbiology Lab Course, Microbial Technology in Mining, Phytoremediation, Phytomining and Ecophysiology. After the end of the project the new modules will be integrated at NMU into curricula of Environmental Science, Mining, and Geology.

Design, implementation and evaluation of the modules are performed in close cooperation between TU BAF and NMU. During the project annual round table discussions with staff from both universities will evaluate teaching activities and training success of modules. A common program for master theses will be one of the instruments of sustainable cooperation between both universities after termination of the project. In addition, further exchange of students via IAESTE and DAAD programs will be part of a long-term collaboration in education and science.




International Conference "Applied Biotechnology in Mining" 25.-27.04.2018


International Conference "Applied Biotechnology in Mining" 2015

Opening ceremony and Workshop on “Problems and perspectives of biotechnology development for mining in Ukraine” (March 26-27, 2015)

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