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Bacterial metallophores for solvent extraction

(Bakterielle Metallophore für die Solventextraktion)


Funding Identifier: 033R147

Duration: 2 Phases (1. Jan. 2015 to 31. Dec. 2017, and to 31. Oct. 2020)










The interdisciplinary junior research group BakSolEx aims on the identification of novel bio-based metallophores. Thus we study especially soil bacteria which produce these as secondary metabolites under certain conditions. We study the production from gene via protein machinery to the final product. On the other hand synthetic approaches are conducted to build nature-like metallophores. Thus, metallophores shall be produced by biotechnological or synthetic chemical approaches and further be analyzed by various spectroscopic methods for metal binding. Finally, the metallophores shall be applied to a selective metal extraction. Target metals are Ga, Co, Mo, Ag and V. For these metals novel selective methods on base of the metallophores shall be developed and allow to improve the situation on rare elements for industry.


Dr. Dirk Tischler
Junior Group Leaderspectroscopy
MSc. Marika MehnertPhD studentcultivation and screening
Dipl.-Nat. Thomas HeinePhD studentgenomics and strain evolution
MSc. Pierre Seidel
(OC, Prof. M. Mazik)
PhD studentsynthesis and structural
Dipl.-Nat. Ringo SchwabePhD student
(Saxony, scholarship)

plant-siderophore interaction,
siderophores of Gordonia

MSc. Gerardo Retamal
(Chilie, Prof. G. Levican)
PhD student
screening, resistance group leader

Former members: Mareike Noffke (BSc.), Alina Achterhold (BSc.), Sabine Vater (BSc.), Janine Slesaczek (MSc.), Catherine O. Esuola (PhD), Diogo N. Proença (Postdoc-Training)



Articles and Reviews

  • O. Wiche, D. Tischler, C. Fauser, J. Lodemann, H. Heilmeier (2017) Effects of citric acid and the microbial siderophore desferrioxamine B (DFO-B) on the mobility of germanium (Ge) and rare earth elements (REEs) in soil and uptake in Phalaris arundinacea. In. J. Phytoremediat. online first.
  • C.O. Esuola, O.O. Babalola, T. Heine, R. Schwabe, M. Schlömann, D. Tischler (2016) Identification and characterization of a FAD-dependent putrescine N-hydroxylase (GorA) from Gordonia rubripertincta CWB2. J. Mol. Catal. B Enzym.
  • C.O. Esuola, O.O. Babalola, T. Heine, M. Schlömann, D. Tischler, S.O.S Akinyemi (2016). Horticultural crops development: the importance of fine chemicals production from microbial enzymes. Acta Hortic. 1110, 7-12.

Books, Chapters and Proceedings

  • M. Schlömann, S. Schopf, D. Tischler, M. Mühling (2016) Biohydrometallurgy - a research area being new for Freiberg with the relevance for metal winning and purification of mine waters. In Glanzlichter der Forschung, 134-147; Ed. by U. Groß, Freiberg.

Oral Presentation:

  • R. Schwabe, B. Obst, M. Mehnert, D. Tischler, O. Wiche (2017) Applying bacterial metallophores to mobilize metals (Ga vs. Fe). Oral Presentation, 19th EGU Vienna.
  • D. Tischler, T. Heine, J. Zimmerling, M. Oelschlägel, M. Schlömann (2017) Von der Funktion zur Sequenz. Oral Presentation, MIKAT Workshop, Dresden; Oral Short Presentation, Future Technologies, Dresden.
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  • D.N. Proença, T. Heine, M. Mehnert, P.V. Morais, D. Tischler (2017) Genomic identification and biochemical characterization of siderophores produced by endophytic bacteria isolated from Pinus pinaster affected by Pine Wilt Disease. Poster Presentation, ASM Microbe 2017, New Orleans.
  • C.O. Esuola, J. Trögl, O.O. Babalola, M. Schlömann, D. Tischler (2017) Biodegradation of industrially polluted soil matrix. Poster 386/EEP, VAAM annual meeting, Würzburg.
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  • Marika Mehnert, Gerardo Retamal M., Thomas Heine, Ringo Schwabe, Michael Schlömann, Gloria Levicán J., Dirk Tischler (2016) Metall (and metalloide)-binding of different metallophores from bacteria and fungi. Poster at ASM annual meeting, Boston.
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