Finance in Emerging Countries

This is one of the two successor courses to the former course International Banking and Finance in Emerging Countries. It is an elective in the IBDEM-program but open to students of other master programs as well. If a student of a bachelor program whishes to participate he is kindly requested to consult Prof. Schönfelder on this matter.

Finance in emerging countries differs considerably from industrialized nations. Unfortunately their financial history is, like most other aspects of their social life, an underresearched topic, and for this reason subject to numerous misunderstandings and misleading interpretations. In addressing the topic it may be helpful to take a view on the much better researched financial history of countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Germany and particular at a time when they were sort of emerging themselves, i.e. the 18th and 19th century. In those days these countries had some things in common with todays emerging countries although the communalities should not be overrated.


The current emergency situation requires extraordinary measures. However, the aforementioned course will start in time. You find the mesages to the students under Lehrmaterial.