3rd International Seminar on Society and Materials


This seminar is organized by ArcelorMittal and TU Bergakademie Freiberg in support of a research proposal to the European 7th Framework Program, SOVAMAT (Social Value of Materials), which is sponsored by the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP).

Created in 2004, the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) brings together the whole European steel industry, research centres, universities, the European Commission and Member States, as well as other European institutions and trade unions.

The Social Value of Materials (SOVAMAT) program was constructed among about 50 organizations comprising both materials producers (steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, wood, glass, polymers, paper/cardboard, composites) and researchers from various fields above mentioned. SOVAMAT aims to move away from limited and partisan viewpoints, and promote a more balanced approach when assessing the role that materials play for society and the modern world.

 SAM3 is the third one in a series of seminars called Society and Materials (SAM). The seminars pursue to bring together experts from various disciplines interested in the relationship between society and materials. Participants include social scientists, economists, engineers, material scientists, industrial ecologists and others. Previous seminars welcomed historians, anthropologists, LCA practitioners, designers and eco-designers or literary eco-critics. The first SAM seminar was held in Seville, Spain in March 2007. The second SAM seminar was held in Nantes, France in April 2008. SAM 1 and 2 gathered more than 80 participants during two full days. This year the seminar will be held in Freiberg, Germany.

Date: 29-30 April, 2009

Venue: Alte Mensa, Petersstr. 5, 09599 Freiberg, Germany

Conference Language: English

Conference Topics:

1. Progress of existing methodologies for exploring the bond between society and materials

  • Life Cycle Assessment: Consequential and attributional LCA; Streamlined LCA; Uncertainty analysis; Hybrid LCA; Exergy LCA; Life Cycle Management; Regionalisation of Life Cycle Impact Assessment; Toxicology and ecotoxicology; Land use impact; Water use impact; Uncertainty factors
  • Material Flow Accounting, Substance Flow Analysis, Input/Output Analysis, Waste Input/Output, Recycling Rates
  • Ecodesign methods
  • Sustainability Assessment of Technologies

2. New social science and society-based approaches for exploring the bond between society and materials

  • Social value of materials; Socio-historical dynamics of social value; Historical, ethnological, anthropological and cultural analysis of materials; Role of innovation and technical progress; Social Life Cycle Assessment; Human well-being indicators; Corporate Social Responsibility

3. New economic-based approaches for exploring the bond between society and materials

  • Resource and material economics; Input/Output analysis; Micro-economic modelling; Macro-economic modelling; Economic Growth and Sustainability; Environmental and social externalities

4. Other innovative themes and methodologies for exploring the bond between society and materials

  • Living world: Biodiversity; biodiversity indicators; Biodiversity in LCA; LCA of living organisms and biomass
  • Resource depletion;
  • Positive indicators; Sustainability indicators; Eco-efficiency; Linking MFA and LCA;
  • Integrating the time dimension; Dynamic LCA; Prospective LCA; Modelling scenarios for the future; Dynamic MFA

5. Open themes

Registration and Paper Submission:

For registration and paper submission please contact: anne-laure [dot] hettingeratarcelormittal [dot] com (Anne-Laure Hettinger) before February 26th, 2009 indicating authors, affiliation, workshop theme being addressed, title and a 500 word summary. Authors will be notified of Paper approval and oral presentation by March 9th, 2009.There is no registration fee.

Accommodation and Others:

For practical issues and information on accommodation please contact: karen [dot] murilloatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (Karen Murillo)

Information to download:

About SOVAMAT,  SAM3 Call for papers,  Information BookletRegistration Form

Draft Program, Pre/Post Seminar Activities

For further information on the SOVAMAT initiative, previous seminars and registration to SAM3 please visit: www.sovamat.org


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