International DAAD Alumni Seminar 2019 - Mining 4.0

Germany's Contribution to Mining 4.0: Algorithms, Software, Sensors, Automated Mining, Business Concepts for Developing Countries

29 April - 5 May 2019 in Freiberg, Germany

followed by a visit to re:publica 2019, thirteenth edition, an event dedicated to the digital world and digital society

6 - 8 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany

For developed countries, such as Germany, Mining Dependent Countries, especially in the Developing World, are essential suppliers of minerals and metals for their technological and economic progress. Demand for “classic” metals, such as Copper, Nickel and Zinc is increasing and “new or high-tech” minerals, such Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel and Rare Earths are considered as inevitable for digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the “Energiewende”.

The digitalization of industrial operations and processes is rapidly moving into a level of technology known as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, bringing a direct integration of networked physical devices through electronics, sensors, actuators and software with computer-based systems. The new technology level, referred to as Automated Mining and Mining 4.0, is now entering “rich” Mining Dependent Countries, such as Australia and Canada (e.g. in driver-less trucks and in automated trains) and Mining Dependent Countries in the Developing World, notably in Africa.

For these reasons, a DAAD funded seminar for expert alumni from developing countries on Mining 4.0 will take place in Freiberg in anticipation of the Berlin re.publica 2019 IT Trade Fair and Conference. Participants must show evidence of experience with the subject as demonstrated in a poster which is to be submitted as a requirement for successful application. The seminar will give first-hand experience on Mining 4.0 in the current research activities of TU Bergakademie Freiberg and in the mining industry in Germany.

If you are interested in participating in the seminar, please send your application latest by 31 Janury 2019 via email to: Jiangxue [dot] liuatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

The application (in English language) must include the following documents in one single pdf file:

  • The application form which is available here: Application Form 
  • A letter of application, stating your motivation for participation and your special interest in the topic of MINING 4.0 in the context of developing countries
  • stating your special interest concerning re:publica 2019: which business partners, organizations, institutions etc. would you like to meet? Check
  • A short CV with passport size photograph
  • A proposal for a poster on a topic relevant to the seminar which depicts the participant’s involvement in the field of MINING 4.0 especially with reference to his/her home country 
  • A short description of your present duties / position and your personal professional goals
  • An overview on seminars, workshops or conferences visited in Germany after finishing your studies in Germany

The PDF-document has to be named ‘Last name_First name_country’
(e.g. Jan_Bongaerts_Germany).

Please note: Completeness of personal data mentioned in the online application form will affect your eligibility as a participant.

With your application you agree that your data (name, organization, email) is given to selected company representatives and that you might appear on pictures which will be published on the DAAD website after the event.
With your application you commit yourself to participate in the whole program (seminar, trade fair visit and social program).

The programme of the visit of re:publica 2019 in Berlin (6, 7 and 8 May, 2019) in Berlin is prepared by DAAD.

All applicants will be informed about the results of the selection process by in mid-February 2019.

Please find all information in the Call for Applications.

For any further questions please contact the organizational team:

Prof. Dr. Jan C. Bongaerts
Dr. Jiangxue Liu

Tel:    +49 (0) 3731 39 2313
E-mail: j-c [dot] bongaertsatioez [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de jiangxue [dot] liuatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de