Report and photos

20 Years IMRE Anniversary

All in all, 80 of 360 IMRE Alumni participated in some of the events organized during the celebration week. With financial support by DAAD, 25 IMRE Alumni travelled from their countries to Freiberg and many others came at their own expenses. The Anniversary celebration started with an opening Ceremony in Senatssaal with guest speakers Professor Unland and Professor Nippa. Prof. Unland, Rektor twenty years ago, remembered the initial challenges of the University after 1992 and highlighted the need to have more international students who wanted to become environmental experts. This was the main reason to setup the IMRE Programme. Prof. Nippa, as the founding IMRE Director, explained how IMRE started – with the support of Dr. Stefan Dirlich, first IMRE co-ordinator.  JCB gave a “lecture” as he had done many years earlier.
Other activities included a city walk “on the trails of Alexander von Humboldt”, an all-day geocaching tour to (re)discover treasures of Freiberg, a poster session with presentations about “TWENTY YEARS  - IMRE AND ME. The gala show was certainly the most important and most festive event of the entire week and Alte Mensa was packed.
The Celebration week ended with an excursion to Grüne Schule in Zethau for a nostalgic stay with hikes and sleeping in two story beds at the same place many IMRE went to for the so-called get-together- weekends at the start of their study times. IMRE Alumni have come from 66 countries all over the world and those present had good opportunities for meeting each other again and for contacting IMRE of other generations they had never met before.