Topics for Theses (Master, Diploma, etc.)


Master Thesis Colloquia 2013



Carolina Hetz

Analysis of barriers hindering vaginal and sexual health treatment: A market research of sexually active postmenopausal women suffering from Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy in the United States



Cultural pattern and sustainable consumption involvement in France: Discrepancy assessment and proposals to enhance positive attitude

 Serkan Selcuk Determining the cost of collecting, sorting, disposing and recycling on-way packaging in the manufacturing division of the manufacturing division of the Adam Opel AG Rüsselsheim plant
 Emre Polat The Benefits and Challenges of Sustainable Procurement and a Case Study of Nestlé GmbH


 Analysis of plastic recovery and recycling in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 Yeung Kwok Ting Analysis of the future prospects and challenges of developing natural gas energy in China
 Ioana Cătălina Posea A critical examination of existing strategies to incorporating sustainability into investment decisions - How sustainable are socially responsible investments?


 The Role of the RSPO towards Sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry: A Case  Study about Indonesia
 Bogdan Anokhin The Critical Analysis of the Calculation and Estimation Tools of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Investment Products

Yu Chenyi

Centralization and Outsourcing – The Restructuring of Indirect Purchasing by the Bosch Group: A Case Study on Bosch Communication Center

Annisa Rahmawati

Economic Analysis of the Ecosystem Restoration Concession (ERC) Policy in Indonesia: a Case Study on Sustainable Natural Resource Practice

Sukhragchaa Mijidsuren   

Environmental Impact Assessment with Special Reference of the Costs Cakulation of Remediation of Pemediation for Mining in the Eastern Region of Mongolia  

Iuliia Dergunova

Perspectives of national strategy on critical raw materials in Russia