Staff exchange


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Wir verstehen Lehre an auswärtigen Universitäten nicht allein als Dienstleistung an einer anderen lehrenden Institution. Insbesondere eröffnet Lehre in einem anderen Kulturkreis neue Einsichten und Erfahrungen.

Ein Auslandsaufenthalt für Forschungszwecke wird generell die Sichtweise des Forschers erweitern können. Insbesondere aber kann eine bestimmte Forschungskompetenz an eine Institution oder Person im Ausland gebunden sein.


Our faculty has a strong research tradition. Our teaching staff offers experiences and competences, as well as access to data unavailable anywhere else. Researchers from all around the world are most welcome to spend some time with us to and collaborate in research with our members of staff and doctoral students. Do come forward and get involved with our faculty members.

The breath of topics taught in our faculty is considerably wide. On top of this, our students will still benefit from lectures provided by external teaching staff, subjecting them into their unique knowledge and giving them access to otherwise uncovered foci. External lecturers may also benefit from interactions with our students. We invite you to contact a member of faculty, the teaching profile of whom you could complement.