The modules

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Short descriptions of all modules taught in the programme can be found in the module handbook.


Winter semester

Mandatory modules

All non-German native speakers have to select a set of two of German language modules from different levels of expedience (A1, A2, etc.) gaining 8 ETCS points over the duration of the 2 semesters at Freiberg. The students are requested to report to the Fachsprachenzentrum to discuss the choice of an appropriate set.

German native speaking students are free to select from the offers of the university. It is in the responsibility of the student to make a selection that is compatible with their career objectives.

Optional modules (choose two modules)


Summer semester

Mandatory modules

Optional modules (choose two modules)


Selection of guest university for the third semester

All students have to visit a partner university for one semester (one year for the double degree option). During the second semester the choice of partner universities is made by the programme committee in collaboration with the student: the programme committee will delegate students to one of the partner universities. The choice of the partner university will be based on student's wishes, career plans, and individual proficiency. The programme currently offers a list of the following partner universities:


  • University of Economics in Poznan (Poland): double degree option available
  • Paris XII (France): double degree option available
  • Universita degli studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
  • Higher School of Economics Moscow (Russia)


  • University of Hyderabad


  • Wuhan University of Technology and Science: double degree option available
  • China University of Geosciences Beijing: double degree option, one-way from Beijing to Freiberg
  • Xiamen University


Final semester

  • Optional modules: choose two (plus the ones postponed from first and second semesters)
  • Internship of minimum three months (equals two optional modules): it is advisable to write the thesis with the guidance and support of the internship-company
  • Master thesis