Job Opportunities after Graduation

Five students

After graduation, IBRE alumni find careers as managers, experts in national and international financial and insurance industries, internationalisation experts, development experts, central and commercial bankers, scientists, and a lot more with particular reference to all markets participaing in the globalising world. The specific and profound science-based education of IBRE allows its alumni to excel in their high-level careers by adding a strong science-component to their job expertise.

  • working in nationally and internationally acting companies, and in particular those involved in resource management
  • managing the successful internationalisation process of (future) trans-national organizations like MNCs and NGOs in a globalised world, with refence to:
    • the particularities in (post-)transition coumntries, emerging markets, and underdeveloped economies
    • the role of natural resources for economic development
  • managing ecologically sustainable technological projects in the fields of reconnaissance and exploration of resources
  • developing and realizing projects in the field of pro-active environmental protection
  • performing strategic tasks in MNCs, in banks and other and financing institutions (including developmental organisations), insurance companies, and governments and administrations at the local, national, and multinational levels.