The programme

Why study IBRE

PIC IBThe English-taught MBA programme of International Business and Resources in Emerging Markets provides future Eastern and Western managers with the theoretical and practical insights into modern international business administration and development economics needed to excel in top-careers.

Particularities of management of intellectual capital, natural resources, and the environment are complemented with intercultural competences in markets of former transitional, emerging or developing countries.

It allows the students to understand and participate in current and future opportunities in the transition and development issues of worldwide business.

The programme in short

Our full-time MBA programme is designed to be completed over 2 academic years. During the second semester, students self-select into either of two specialisations:  International Business (IB) and Resources and Environment (RE).Structure programme

In the third semester, students of the IB-specialisation complement what they have learned in Freiberg at one of our partner universities in order to sharpen their focus on their individual interests. Students who chose the RE-specialisation will deepen their knowledge and understanding of how companies manage natural resources and the environment. Modules from all faculties of the university are hand-selected for this purpose.

The programme collaborates with a number of hand-selected partner universities, students can choose amongst them to spend a semester abroad. In the IB-specialisation, there is additionally the possibility to enrol into a double degree programme with a select number of partner universities:


  • University of Economics in Poznan (Poland): double degree option under review
  • Paris XII (France): double degree option available
  • Universita degli studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
  • Higher School of Economics Moscow (Russia)


  • University of Hyderabad


  • Wuhan University of Technology and Science: double degree option available
  • China University of Geosciences Beijing: double degree option, one-way from Beijing to Freiberg
  • Xiamen University

Even though the programme is tuition free, all staff of the university, including programme representatives, professors, and research assistants work towards supporting students to achieve their own learning objectives.

A complete description of the programme (in the form of rules and regulations - the Studienordnung and the Prüfungsordnung) can be found here. Being legal texts, they can only be in German. Find tables with list of modules that are accessible also to English readers.