Link to application portal

Pics students 
Please use our new application portal: it allows online application.

  • Note: the portal is new, it is not yet fully translated in the best of ways, but it works already and allows you to upload all files individually, and hence you have no problem with the size of Emails.

Go to our international studies internet pages and find the link “To the Online-Portal”. When preparing your application documents and during the application process, please carefully follow our instructions and seriously consider all our suggestions!

  • Suggestion: always keep open a window with our MBA programme web-site: it is designed to provide you with all information about the programme contents, the application process, and the conditions for application. We try to provide all information needed and answer all questions on these pages.

Please inform us if there is anything missing, so that we can improve our web-site and answer your remaining question.

Late applications may be considered, but only if there are free places and only if starting on time in Freiberg (i.e. until start of lectures in October) is still possible. Late applications have to be complete and can be sent to Prof. Stephan directly via Email.