1st step online application

Fill the online application form to start the process of application. Provide here the most important coordinates for your application. You can be more elaborate in the 2nd step hard copy application package, if you get shortlisted.

Applying for the academic year: *
Please specify here for which academic year you want to apply. Please consider the time needed for visa applications, etc., to be on time to start studying (coming late is no option).
...which specialisation: *
Students can choose between two distinct specialisations: International Business and Resources and Environment. This choice is made after the end of the first semester and can be changed throughout the 4 semesters.
Personal data
Please make sure to provide the name of your family first, followed by the name that has been given to you personally.
Job experience
Current and previous occupations
Provide here information about your current occupation first, then your next previous jobs all separated by colons (;).
Please provide here the number of MONTHS, not of YEARS!
Your higher education degree(s)
The MBA IBRE programme only admits students with at least a Bachelor in business or economics-related subjects.
Provide here, next to your grade in the official definition, additional information as e.g. CGPA "... out of ..." or anything that helps us to put your grade into perspective of our German education system.
Partner programme
Here is a list of partner universities, for which diverging application conditions may apply.
English language skills
Enter here the ampount of points that you achieved in your last test. Note that the minimum required for MBA IBRE is 90 points.
Enter here the band that you have achieved in your last test. Please note that the minimum required is 6.5.
The English test can be taken in form of an oral exam in Freiberg. This will take place before the letter of admission to the study programme can be issued. The applicant has to apply for this test via Email to the programme director.
English as official language:
Please inform us here whether English is your mother tongue, or whether English is the official language in your country, or whether your previous education was entirely in English. In the first two cases, an English case will be waived; in the latter case, we will look at the complete application set to decide.
Analytical tests
Any of the suggested types of proof of analytical skills are accepted. In case you do not have any such test, you will register for a test if you get shortlisted. The test is compulsory, but may be waived if the applicant is a graduate of a partner university or from our own faculty.
Please inform us about your sum of points in the verbal and quantitative sections of the test. Please note that the minimum required for MBA IBRE is 570.
Please tell us here the sum of verbal and quantitative sections. Note that the required minimum for MBA IBRE is 305.
Will still do a test:
Admission test of partner university: