Procedure of application in two steps

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Please note that students can only enrol if all conditions are met! Be reminded that all tests for admission (English tests, analytical tests) can be taken online now (even if those are not perfect substitutes). We all suffer from Corona and we have to all live with the additional hardships.

Admission and deadline

The programme only admits students for each start of the academic year (early October), there is usually no admission for summer semester (starting in April): Exchange students are welcome any semester.

Deadline for applying in the online-portal is in  general 15 April

  • you will apply for visa well ahead (may be a very long time, depending on your embassy) of having revceived your admission letter
  • please send what you have at this stage, even if not all is complete, we may extend conditional admission which allows you to already apply for visa

Late applications may be considered, but only if there are free places and only if starting on time in Freiberg (i.e. until start of lectures in October) is still possible. Late applications have to be complete and can be sent to %20johannes [dot] stephanatvwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (Prof. Stephan) directly via Email. In any case: coming late to start your study programme is not possible. For students in need of a visa, it all depends on the speed of the embassies, and this varies immensely.


The university enrols admitted students during the period of time specified on the admission letter (typically early September to early October each year). We organise a lot of important meetings and discussions and extra-curricular activities, so coming late is no option.

Additional hints and notes

Please go to the next page (Link to application portal) to start the application process.