Academic timetable

Lehrer mit Stuudis

Academic time table in short

Lectures at the University Freiberg usually start winter semesters in early October each year.
Lectures in the winter semester end early February, this is followed by an exam period of around 2-3 weeks.
The summer semester starts early April, lectures end mid July, again followed by a 2-3 weeks exam period.

International students have the option to be coached by a student of TU Freiberg. The "mentor" will help new intakes to settle into the University, and get all administrative issues inside and outside the university done. The "mentor" programme is organised by the International Centre "Alexander von Humboldt". New intakes should contact the centre via Email to arrange for coaching. The centre also offers other programmes and information, have a look yourself.

The usual academic time table for the University includes the following indicative dates

DateHappeningRemarks / Venue
Mid September to first week OctoberMentor programmeThe Mentor programme helps new students arriving in Freiberg
End September to first week OctoberRegistration at the Admission OfficeInternational students please contact Mrs Cindy Wolf, German students Mrs Luisa Lippe: Akademiestr 6 (Main Building), Room 13 (ground floor)
First week OctoberInduction day for new students, organised by the Studentenrat of the University
Week before start of lecturesIBDEM Kick-off Meeting for new studentst.b.a. via Email
Saturday before start of lecturesBar-tour through Freiberg, organised by the Studentenrat of the University
Saturday after start of lecturesIKEA-tour, organised by the Studentenrat of the University
Second or third Monday of OctoberStart of the lecturesTime-tables for MBA students are published around one-two weeks before the start of lectures
Mid OctoberWelcome address by the city mayor for all new international studentsFreiberg guildhall, Obermarkt 24
Late OctoberInternational CornerMeeting of all international students, Begegnungsraum, Neue Mensa
Late OctoberInternational Party
Late OctoberLibrary tour for international studentsUni Freiberg Library (Ausleihtheke) with Dr Dana Kuhnert
Early NovemberBrunch for international studentsDining Hall Neue Mensa
End NovemberFestival of culturesAlte Mensa
Early DecemberInternational students' Christmas PartyConference Room Neue Mensa
December to  JanuaryOne week winter break between Christmas and New Year
January to FebruaryRe-registration for the second and fourth semestersAkademiestr 6 (Main Building), Room 13 (ground floor)
First Friday of FebruaryLast day of lectures in the winter semester
First Monday of AprilStart of the lecturesTime-tables for IBDEM students are published around one week before the start of lectures
Mid JulyLast day of lectures in the summer semester
End AugustRe-registration for the third semesterAkademiestr 6 (Main Building), Room 13 (ground floor)

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