The general purpose of the association European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (eaces) is to initiate and co-ordinate international collaboration designed to assist the advancement of theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of comparative economic studies in Europe and elsewhere. Its aims are purely scientific.

Logo eacesThe principal interests of the association are the theoretical analysis in the field and the comparative study of real economic systems. The are as concerned are the economies of East and West, North and South, as well as the economic interactions among systems and among regional areas, such as the EU.

The Association is envisaged as a broadly based organization in which all schools of analysis will exchange views and ideas on current a nd prospective research.

The Association will organize international conferences and workshops, promote the study and application of comparative economics and related subjects, form working groups to further research on particular topics, cooperate with other international groups, such as the International Economic Association, concerned with this and similar fields of research and facilitate translations and publications.