Public Private Partnership in Emerging and Developing Countries and Project Management

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Material for the lectures and seminars



Qualifikationsziele / Kompetenzen


The students become familiar with the instrument of public private partnership. By being introduced to the concept of Project Management they learn the process and management of Private Partnership Projects.





The concept of Private Public Partnership is presented, starting from the historical roots. The economic potential of PPP is regarded from an institutionalist perspective. The framework of the setting up of a PPP and the specific target system of a PPP is analysed. Moreover the control by the capital market, the risk management, and the political influence are discussed under the conditions of emerging and developing markets.

The role of any project manager is to control the evaluation and execution of the project on behalf o the promoter.

For a project manager to fulfil the task of control of the realisation of a project on behalf of the promoter, decisions have to take into account all factors affecting the investment.

Upon focusing on project concepts, including project appraisal, risk management, cost estimating, project finance and organisation, the course will present those activities which are connected with the operation of projects such as planning, control, contract strategy and tender procedures and will close by way of presenting the development and implementation process of a typical Public Private Partnership project.





1 semester (3 SWS Lectures / 1 SWS practical exercises and assignments)



Voraussetzung für die Vergabe von Leistungspunkten


Exam: 90 minutes (90%) and one presentation (10%)





6 points - The grade is bassed on the exam (90 %) as well as on the assignment.





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