Special information for students coming from Budapest

The Dual-Degree Program


CEU students wishing to participate in the dual-degree program with Freiberg University must have both an above-average academic performance record, and a good knowledge of the German language. CEU students in the dual-degree program are selected by a committee comprised of academic representatives from both institutions. The selection process takes place at the beginning of each year, several months before the beginning of classes in Freiberg. Applicants must provide:

  • a brief application statement describing the student’s motivation and expectations in applying for the program
  • documentation giving evidence of enrolment at the home (CEU) institution
  • notarized copies (and German translations) of academic performance records at the home (CEU) institution
  • proof of German language proficiency (DSH or equivalent)


The DSH exam may be taken during the student’s first year in Freiberg.

Criteria for acceptance into the program are the applicant’s grade point average, knowledge of the German language, and personal traits. The joint selection committee evaluates the candidates through an interview process.

Contact persons:


Director of the CEU Graduate School of Business

Contact person and Coordinator of the program at Freiberg University

Further information on the German site is available from:


Chris Dalton
MBA Director



Prof. Dr. Horst Brezinski



Frau Ingrid Lange


CEU Graduate School of Business
Nador u. 21
1051 Budapest, Hungary

Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
School of Economics and Business Administration
Chair for International Economic Relations
Lessingstrasse 45, room 1308 C
D- 09599 Freiberg

University Centre for International Affairs/Foreign Student Office
Lessingstraße 45, room 1106
09596 Freiberg

Tel.(361) 327 - 3000, ext, 2572
Fax: (361) 235 - 6115
daltoncatgsb [dot] ceu [dot] hu (Email to Chris Dalton)

Tel.:+49 (0) 3731 / 39 2048
Fax: +49 (0) 3731 / 39 2733
horst [dot] brezinskiatvwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de ( Email to Horst Brezinski)

Tel.: +49 (0) 3731 / 39 2580
Ingrid [dot] Langeatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (Email to Ingrid Lange)



Completing the Dual-Degree Program


Students in the dual-degree program are registered as full-time students at both the home and host universities. CEU students may participate in the program immediately after receiving the Bachelor’s degree. The first two semesters of the program are spent in Budapest, where the first year MBA core courses are taken. The second academic year is spent in Freiberg. During their studies in Freiberg, CEU students are required to take two core courses from the “General Economics” grouping, choosing from among:

  • International Economics
  • European Integration
  • Industrial Economics
  • Competition Policy
  • Business Cycles and Stabilization
  • Public Finance


In order to receive the degree from Freiberg University, students must complete two electives (SBWL) in Business Administration (Electives I group) as well as a third one (which may be, but not has to be, from the Electives I group). In each of the chosen fields, the students must enrol in two lecture courses (which entail written exams) and one seminar (which entails class participation and a term paper, but no exams). See HERE for more information concerning the contents of the courses. Additionally, the student must pass an oral examination (30 minutes) in each of the selected fields. CEU students have the possibility of taking their written and oral exams in the English language.



Thesis and Program Completion


During the fifth semester of the program, a thesis is completed on the basis of an internship which is undertaken. Each semester, the student’s course choices must be approved by the program coordinator at both the host and home university, in order to ascertain that the courses meet program requirements.

Upon successful completion of the program, both the American MBA degree  (accredited by the State of New York) and the German academic degree Diplom-Kaufmann/-Kauffrau are awared.



CEU Business School

TU Freiberg


Bachelor Degree


Core Courses





2 AVWL and
3 SBWL or
2 SBWL and 1 from an elective field


Preparation of the thesis in Freiberg or Budapest in combination with an internship



Sources of Support


One may apply for financial assistance through DAAD or the Suedosteuropa Gesellschaft.



How Does One Get to Freiberg?


  • By train: Connection Budapest-Freiberg
    Time: Approximately 12-16 hours
    Information: Deutsche Bahn AG


  • By car: approximately 670 km
    Information: ViaMichelin Mitfahrzentrale
  • By plane: Connection Budapest-Dresden
    Time: 4-5 hours
    Price varies according to season
  • By bus: Connection Budapest-Dresden
    Time: 12 hours
    Price: around 59 euro
    Information: Eurolines


One can easily reach Freiberg from Dresden by train.