Past Publications

Our program publishes two series that focus on the role of general and intercultural communication in the world of (international) business.

We are honored to have many renowned experts from around the world participate in our "Freiberger Beiträge zur interkulturellen und Wirtschaftskommunikation:  A Forum for General and Intercultural Business Communication" because the list of contributing authors reads like a Who’s Who of communication and intercultural communication:


Freiberger Beiträge zur interkulturellen und Wirtschaftskommunikation

 A Forum for General and Intercultural Business Communication

Edward T. Hall
"It looks like a 'winner', as we say here in the USA. Much success to you and your colleagues."

Marieke de Mooij
"Congratulations! It is a very interesting collection of articles."

Larry Samovar
"... you can be very proud of the volume - many excellent selections were included."

Debbie DuFrene
"I'm impressed with the scope of the articles and look forward to reading through the volume soon as time permits."

Arthur VanGundy 
"... how delighted I was to receive my copy of your book today. I think you did just a superb job in pulling everything together and in your descriptions. Your commentary really makes the book for me!"

Ed McDaniel
"I had no idea I would be in such prestigious company."

Charles R. Berger
"... it turned out very well! There are a number of interesting papers in the book that I will have to read. I was quite surprised at the diversity of authors who were included in the volume."


Band 1

 Introduction to Business Communication (419 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2005)
 ISBN: 978-3-631-53710-7

Band 2

 Chinese and Western Business Cultures (168 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2005)
 ISBN: 978-3-631-53680-3

Band 3

 The Role of Communication in Business Transactions and Relationships (462 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2007)
 ISBN: 978-3-631-54971-1

Band 4

 The Influence of Culture in the  World of Business (514 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2007)
 ISBN: 978-3-631-54972-8

Band 5

 Systematics and the Economics of Culture (537 pp.)
 Victor Lux Tonn

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2009)
 ISBN: 978-3-631-57649-6

Band 6

 The Interrelationship of Business and Communication (528 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang  Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2010)
 ISBN   978-3-631-566540-7

Band 7

 The Interface of Business and Culture (587 pp.)
 Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

 Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2010)
 ISBN  978-3-631-56339-7                                                                                                                                            

Band 8

Chinese Culture in a Cross-Cultural Comparison (567 pp.)
Michael B. Hinner (ed.)

Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (2014)
ISBN 978-3-631-61160-9



Freiberg Research Papers: Publications of Graduates / Students


In order to also create a forum for lesser known researchers, we decided to launch a second series with the help of our university press, Freiberg Research Papers. This series publishes primarily the work of graduate business students who have written on communication’s role in the world of (international) business. These texts contain some interesting applications of general and intercultural communication principles in the realm of business because they are written not from the perspective of communication specialists, but rather from the perspective of business students.


  • 2011/I



Axel Schöllhammer: Zugewinn durch Zuwanderung? Eine ökonomische Analyse der Arbeitsmigration im Freistaat Sachsen unter Berücksichtigung des deutschen Aufenthaltsgesetzes


  • 2010/I



Lars Abraham: Venture Capital in Germany and the US: Differences and the Influence of Culture


  • 2008/III



Andy Gabriel: Cultural Due Diligence and Integration of Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions


  • 2008/II



Christopher Simmons: Cultural Due Diligence in International Mergers & Acquisitions.
National and Corporate Culture in India


  • 2007/V



Francisco Caudillo Sanchez: Mexico and Germany, Business Opportunities and Intercultural Management Aspects


  • 2007/IV



Christiane Laumann: Different Consumer Behaviour in Germany and Japan with Regard to Cultural Diversities
– A Comparison of the Mobile Phone Market


  • 2007/III



Christof Schulte-Wissermann: Cultural Convergence in Europe: Myth or Reality?


  • 2007/II



Linde Wehlus: Incoming Tourism Industry in Saxony under Intercultural Considerations


  • 2007/I



Daniel Rost: A Comparison and Analysis of Political Campaigning in the US and Germany


  • 2006/III



Jana Helbig: Doing business with India: Cultural, communicational, and business aspects of the Indian market


  • 2006/II



Martin Pilz: Communication along Supply Chains focusing on the Automotive Industry


  • 2006/I



Tobias Maier: Personnel Selection in Europe: Differences and the Influence of Culture

Publications 2013

Hinner, M. B. (2013).  The Interrelationship of Intercultural Communication and Business.  In M.

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Hinner, M. B. (2013).  From ESP to ICC:  Why Business and Intercultural Communication Replaced

           Business English.  In . Haase and J. Schmied (Eds.), English for Academic Purpose:  Practical

           and Theoretical Approaches, pp. 173-190.  Göttingen:  Cuvillier Verlag.  [Book chapter]


Hinner, M.B. (submitted and accepted).  Perceiving Intercultural Competence in a Business Context.

           In G.-M.Chen and X. Dai (Eds.), Intercultural Communication Competence:  Conceptualizations

           and Its Development in Cultural Contexts.  Newcastle upon Tyne:  Cambridge Scholars

Publishing.  [Book chapter]


Hinner, M. B. (submitted and accepted).  The Impact of Culture on Business Interactions and

Communication.  In J. Hong (Ed.), New Trends in Communication Studies.  Beijing:  Tsinhua

University Press.  [Book chapter]


Hinner, M. B. (Ed.). (submitted and accepted).  Chinese Culture in a Cross-Cultural Comparison. 

Frankfurt am Main:  Peter Lang Verlag.  [Book, ca. 590 pages]